Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Actor Bai Yufan, chose to join the army when the university enrollment, ever still had participated in activity of fight a flood providing disaster relief

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After retiring from army, bai Yufan’s life returned this orbit of the actor to go up, he is signed smoothly restricted an entertainment company, begin to film work of of all kinds teleplay, work steadily ground forward the target of actual strength actor is trying hard, resemble in former days angle is worn oneself military dream that kind. After make one’s bow performs art circle a few years, bai Yufan’s acting also had very apparent progress, although current masterpiece is returned,do not calculate a lot of, but also had had the work that can prove him actual strength, also calculate going up is to work draws near the actual strength actor of the body. No matter be to be in ” I am quite good in an alien land ” , still be in ” hill sea affection ” in one drama, bai Yufan’s expression can be encircled very much can nod, let not little audience feel Jing is colourful even.

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With respect to acting this thing, bai Yufan has trifling talent probably on the body, but he can become the actual strength actor in audience eye, still basically get end to be mixed at his effort assiduous. When doing not have play to pat, bai Yufan ever was opening electric car to go directly outside sending, sell, look in him, this won’t arise to the identity of his actor not only any negative effect, can let him be in in the future job even, have more experience, the part that also can allow him place personate to come out more press close to lives, is not suspension in half sky.

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With respect to Bai Yufan current work looks, his play road still is not Chang Zhikuan, won’t confine is in some kind in part type, accordingly, want him to be able to hold to him only first heart, put more energy in burnish part and play, the actual strength actor that becomes a widely known also is by no means impossible thing.

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