Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Is pan cereal digs golden bastard the a fewth collect? Who is the director of pan cereal? Dig golden bastard the 25th collect in drama. Uncle lets groups small learn hee-haw, say ” bastard bites a hand not to scatter the mouth, learn hee-haw ability to let bastard scatter the mouth ” . Groups small original loath, but groups big believe, boy monkey is in hesitation ” ah the forehead ah ” cried several times, cause groups big burst into laughter, exert oneself to do sth. drag pulls out hammer drill then, they give gouge really unexpectedly after dig leaves golden bastard.

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Who is the director of pan cereal? The director is the Xi Xin that is graduated from institute of art of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, he is good at filming extremely the teleplay of rural subject matter, ceng Zhi guides ” right backside ” ” 3 younger sister ” wait for outstanding teleplay, in 2 O16 year ever obtained have industrial force most 10 beautiful teleplay to direct award.

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What is the gut of pan cereal? ” pan cereal ” set is issued by aggressive setting in our country, tell about mineral products one case the cause and effect of murder case. When our country Beijing is encroached, discovered to there is many golden mine resource below the Great Wall, hostile drew on many Chinese labor to dig mine for them, corner gold mine is as long as 7 years.

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