Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Eventually need not again drama barren! The net is passed ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” already decided archives in March, do you expect? Regard the king blast of some cruel as drama, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” the work that is place of a people’s expectations to return, so since the message that this drama comes out to pat later, caused the attention of many people, but those who let people was not found is the work that place of such a people’s expectations put in ‘s charge, in gave off premonitory later spit groove however because of merman modelling of Ren Jialun by know clearly, subsequently the problem because of respect of specially good effect, be sent melt down to be built again, it may be said was to encounter not little difficulty.

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But an adage is called the road to happiness full of hardships, want to come to this to be held the position of by Dilireba female advocate, ren Jialun personate male advocate ” meet with Jun Chu ” also be such, want to appear after all give a good effect, let what more person gets after this work is shown approbate, so of eliminate actors famous degree, besides the respect such as acting, on detail serious with accusing also is indispensable, rush so ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” because melt down of respect of specially good effect is built again,can look, the quality respect of this drama still ensures somewhat.

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Plus hold the position of a men and women advocate also is two actors with redder instantly, this is in more let people expect somewhat to this drama, accordingly, leaf through some cruel make an appointment when drama, you can discover ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” make an appointment the number had been achieved of 800 thousand, how many person wants to see it it is thus clear that? Kill blueness to also have a paragraph of time from this drama however, but when can show to this drama, it is to do not have activity tardy however.

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Nevertheless, recently, there is a message to say this drama had decided archives on March 17 however on the net, more interesting is besides this time, still many people say, the time deciding archives of this drama is in March end, but no matter be which kind of, since had come out to decide the information of archives, be the specification leaves so ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” shown time already not far? Though we am very clear also,everything wants the argument that gives priority to with Guan Xuan.

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But be in this ” lens twin city ” ” the city of time ” ” beautiful language is endowed with ” wait for drama of movie and TV all already finished instantly, did most propbably have many people to enter drama be out of practice with young season period? If there can be a good theatrical work in this moment,show so, that should be a very good thing, how much is no matter the net is genteel,the time deciding archives that pass after all then, what do not have any messages always also than it is strong.

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And for days of small experience that leafs through origianl work these days, this drama is there is work in a cruel, can say even, the men and women in this drama advocate it is days of the near future is little movie and TV that has watched is the most miserable two in drama, like each other obviously, always cannot get a good outcome because of all sorts of reasons however, be about to get hurt for the other side easily, perhaps lower oneself stance, those who will be begged for that person is temporarily restful.

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Was to look really with respect to cruel heart, but the hotspot that such cruel also is this drama, accordingly, after be being chased after, young season is even more expect it can be shown at an early date, so before screen do you expect? Might as well leave a message tell small day.

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