Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Does Thailand break up again take meteoric garden? Vulgar? Don’t have new idea? The dot leaves really sweet make a face Is meteoric garden broken up to pat by Thailand again after afterwards stage edition, day edition, Han edition, inland edition? Just began a netizen to spit groove in succession, do not have new idea, dull, female advocate Yanzhi is general, but the dot opens one market, be hit wildly face, stop no less than coming simply. In everybody install benefit strongly to fall, small make up also sought this theatrical work, be hit as expected face, this simply complete a Yan Zhi is online, acting is online good!

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Say Yan Zhi first, this drama Yan Zhijian is straight complete a summit summit, no matter be F4,still be male advocate the characteristic that mom, elder sister, static Yan Zhi learning elder sister has each each is lubricious, everybody says female advocate Yan Zhila breaks down, but small make up feel this is not fir dish this some appearance? Female advocate fir dish is called TontawanTantivejakul really, a dentist is in real life, of elder sister of this young lady still is an old KPOP pink, love NCT most daily, the reporter has asked F4 is chosen with NCT which, fine long hair of young lady elder sister chooses NCT forthwith.

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First say bright temple, be called an actor really Wajilaweite Jiwalei, was born 1997, height 183cm, be those who have blood relationship of the Three Kingdoms of Thailand, China, United States is mongrel, had looked to a happy married couple day of become young associate is not unfamiliar he, but he is exploded to give RH, proposal everybody enters pit carefully.

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It is Hua Ze next kind, the little elder brother that was born 2000, height 190, in drama tender handsome, appearance temperament is Hua Ze simply kind this kind, even he acts because of him too the Bai Yueguang in resembling audience heart, appeared on small gain ” Hua Ze of this my station kind ” relevant topic;

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Still have Jing Xuejie, way bright temple mom, path bright temple fiancee… small make up did not introduce one by one, everybody the word of interest can see this play, it is the heaven of colour dog simply!

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