Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Tecent video greets small sweet drama, look premonitory however of cruel, had not broadcasted be urged to add more Tecent video greets small sweet drama, had not broadcasted be urged to add more, the netizen expects long already it is first-rate that Song Zuer’s acting can say in recreational group, it is to belong to more top-ranking. Give the girl of the path as a Tong Xing, not be to say fame has how big, or discharge has how tall, but the countryman is spent still is possible, at least audience people it is very familiar. What grow namely to Song Zuer’s acknowledge before is very beautiful, the big eye of round circle lets a person remember special profundity, when knowing she is very small, had begun to pat teleplay, but the acting that did not think of her is so good.

20220311070528 622af4b82f876

Song Zuer no matter such acting and Yan Zhi are to be used inside idol play alleged still oneself best one side can be being shown inside drama, acting gives a group quite, what to perform to have be convinced power.

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The Qiao Simei in the children of the Qiao Jia of noonday sunshine is Song Zuer acting is reflected best, feel Song Zuer is actor of a treasure really at that time, be to belong to inside young actor more conspicuous, because contrast of this part around is bigger, act very hard so, qiao Simei early days special do not denounce happy event, but if will rank according to acting, be count as one of the best for certain.

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The administrative levels feeling of Song Zuer acting invites an audience people knew her afresh again. Song Zuer can be competent the teleplay of a variety of types. After Qiao Jia’s children, patted a lot of teleplay continuously again, greet again now small sweet drama, had not broadcasted by the audience people making a noise to add more, look the audience has expected long already.

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Why such small sweet drama can be not sowed first fire, so suffer expect? It is the reason because of the novel not merely among them, the performance that still having a mainer reason is an actor is very outstanding. From premonitory in we can see Song Zuer show our again in this drama that wonderful acting, cry lovely, particularly pitiful, take the place of to feel very strong.

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This small sweet drama achieved a perfection: Sweet when sweet dead, cruel heart when special also cruel. Female advocate acting enough opens a women of the new society, male advocate Huang Zitao also won’t drop chain, be in a this of cruel heart, two can say was to achieve perfection. So that the netizen breathes out continuously: Can you update more again a bit ah?

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After seeing prevue, had waited to be able to see this teleplay rapidly not as good as, is everybody small bench ready?

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