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Original title: What is the relation of Lin Xi and Lin Shu? Are Lin Xi and Xiao Pingjing together finally? In drama, true identity of Lin Xi can be granddaughter of Lin Shu nominal actually, because pass,can be informed in drama, lin Xi’s father is Lin Shen, and Lin Shen is Lin Shu is fostered as a child grown, lin Shu is equal then Lin Shen’s adoptive father, because of his daughter namely Lin Xi is Lin Shu justice granddaughter.

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Lin Xi is the part of similar heroine in drama, it is the woman role that person favor demands quite in drama, as a girl, she does not resemble the woman in most boudoir cabinet general Wen Wan but person, face world with a pair of frozen appearance constantly however. But even so, her heart is a person that seems fire enthusiasticly however, because medical skill is more outstanding, often meet so cure the sickness to save the patient, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, in with male advocate get along under also give birth to good impression to its heart gradually.

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Are Lin Xi and Xiao Pingjing together finally? Was together. Two people succeed to be defended finally, and put in concealed mountain forest ‘s charge together pay no attention to affairs of human life. The heat in this pair of Cp in drama is highest, the Xiao Pingjing with elegant demeanour and outside cold inside hot Lin Xi, two people are together even if be not a pair of combination that often raise a key point.

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Although ” grow since the wind of Lang Ya a list of names posted up forest ” of this drama advocate Cp should be Xiao Pingzhang and Meng Jianxue, but Lin Xi and the more that desolate made the same score an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast to win an audience however love, because desolate is smooth,basically be of an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast brilliant with take on the independence of together with Lin Xi and courageous and resolute,

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