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Original title: Pass before the game of influence will raid, those who you like is epic kind of illusion, be worth your expectation ” the game of influence ” from 2011 the first season leaves sow, have several vermicelli made from bean starch all over the world, it is the existence with drama general king. Inside limits of alive even bound see so grandiose teleplay very hard again, it not is measured very mysteriously, have wallop very much, can let your hair like from inner ground. . . . . . ” is Long Zhi familial ” director: ? ? of Zheng of capable person of account of  of と of  of Xi of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married Claire Jierna / Geda Pateer head sow: ? : of  ? main actor? Love rare た Deng to tick off Ju? Aoliweiya Cooke / moxa Ma Daxi

20220311070611 622af4e336218

The right that the distance allows drama confusing to rip a heart to crack lung swims sodden end day, had gone a few years! Nowadays, ” the game of influence ” derive drama ” Long Zhi is familial ” want to come! The novel that this drama researchs · Martin by tall ” blood and fire: Tower division profit installs dynasty history ” adapt, hold the position of combination to create support of the people to carry out producer by him himself. This ending is to had been written, nonexistent drama market goes in the circumstance before origianl work novel. Equestrian fourth lord child had written the book, do not be afraid that demon changes outcome.

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Premonitory music rings, iron throne appears, gooseflesh rose! Story setting set is in ” the game of influence ” 200 years ago, covered Weisiteluo the history of the mainland, from Yi Geng’s conquer, bright to Yi all the time of sansei act as regent. Focusing ” dragon Mom ” familial Tangelian is promoted familially decline. Can involve among them famous ” hematic dragon mad dance ” incident, lei Ni pulls He Yigeng, to contend for the civil war that the right of inheritance of iron throne produces.

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