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Original title: Xiao Zhan enters group hind head show a body, keep out tight is difficult also attack by surprise is handsome, the net passes a surname of general of new acting word Before before long, xiao Zhan, Li Qin acts the leading role ” that sea in the dream ” leave formally pat, from pat now, square vermicelli made from bean starch of play staff and Xiao Zhan is right ” Xiao Chunsheng ” this part offerred all-around protection, do one’s best accomplishs the drama that does not have a bit to appear, even if sees all sorts of concerning that what drama of new theatrical work appears on square, your dot goes in also is clean ” square ” , the drama that does not have a bit shows part, see the everybody protection to new theatrical work from this enough.

20220311070613 622af4e565e45

Enter from Feburary 7 group had gone many days 30 to now, although the play staff was protected ” Xiao Chunsheng ” , but the Xiao Zhan outside the play staff has escaped hard as before ” with pat ” camera lens. On March 10 before dawn, how does Xiao Zhanping reach Hainan airport, although Hainan temperature is very high, but Xiao Zhan laps as before tight, wear pants of black of collocation of long sleeve coat, mark matchs guaze mask and peaked cap, although lap special tight, but unpleasant still attack by surprise is handsome, hand socket bag takes a step to go forth greatly, the such tight that even if wraps, but or can identifying him is him Xiao Zhan.

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It is reported, because,be like battle to head for Hainan this is new theatrical work ” that sea in the dream ” turn film, look Xiao Zhanxin drama films very successful, had entered the 2nd to film nowadays field, but because be the drama that crosses time, the estimation that kill blueness still has period of time, the cate beautiful scenery of place of the Hainan since Anli begins in succession after vermicelli made from bean starch sees this paragraph of video, whether can the Xiao Zhan that does not know to like to film give vermicelli made from bean starch to bring the welfare of Vlog.

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Resemble battle nowadays already the hand grasps 3 to wait for sow drama, no matter be ” survive ” , ” jade bone Yao ” , still filming ” that sea with medium dream ” suffer fully expect, trilogy role is different, from the point of choice part, xiao Zhan is very clear what do oneself want, every receives part is different, having clear program, probably this should be like the happiness of battle vermicelli made from bean starch namely, need not worry about Xiao Zhan’s enterprise and the desire to do better forever.

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Have ever exploded inside course of study expect 2022 is the Dai Yan that resemble battle explodes a year of canopy as before, same these are to be like battle to be changed with effort, alleged the route that did not take in vain, also do not have the thing of white experience, the Xiao Zhan that believes Nie returns will be stronger and stronger!

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