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Original title: Must not small look little fresh pork! The Yang Yang with onefold expression, also found performance new thinking The film that You Chenglong, Yang Yang acts the leading role ” daring vanguard ” mirrorring in heat, often be spat the Yang Yang with groovy too weak acting, got this accord actually reputably. Be in especially he before in performing experience, expression always is very onefold, director Tang Jili ever also had said ” the Tom Kelusi that he is China ” such commment, and Tom Kelusi is Hollywood’s accepted God clique, acting of and rather than is sent.

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Because want attend to to arrive vermicelli made from bean starch people experience, yang Yang is to rely on Yan Zhi to shape a part before, rely on to communicate a mood flintily, as time passes formed a kind of fixed performance mode. With him similar actor still has the Huang Xiaoming previously, Yang Ying and Zhang Han, they by accident ” do not make expression ” regarded as convergent performance manner, let an audience very hard arise all the time so in all affection.

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Still have one like what performance error enters by accident like Yang Yang large quantities of little fresh pork, the person that because the company is established,has a plenty of is set, because want to maintain tall cold stance,have a plenty of, because did not perform self-confidence,have a plenty of, they a kind that vermicelli made from bean starch serves in the life, era entered the way that the part shapes in work in.

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A two ministry play, the audience still can be accepted coessential the performance that turn, but if things go on like this, the audience lost new move, they also lost person energy of life. Those who live person energy of life is tall, think of the danger of acting, ability raises him ceaselessly, complete the transition that stars to the actor from discharge star.

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The flesh of outback small delicacy in the first successful transition in my impression is Li Yifeng, went out in order to choose beautiful status 2007, because the stagnant ability of musical group converts a film,inspect scope progress. His actor career also is from what be begun by doubt, the part play share of personate is more, the voice that is oppugned is bigger. From ” Gu Jianji Tan ” to ” rob a tomb takes notes ” , arrive again 2016 ” annals of high official position ” , it is such.

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Admit nevertheless followed an actor the Li Yifeng of this road, it is after all greeted oneself turn over make — type piece ” animal world ” . The Zheng Kai of his personate manages the success opened the entrance door that performs new world, precipitation of 10 years changed applause of the audience eventually.

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Top class discharge is a Shuang Renjian for little to this group fresh pork, although can give them to bring huge attention to spend, but also place them at the same time was in to exceed the height besides capacity limits. They are not do not want to be made from walk-on, little accumulates experience thick accumulate and thin hair, in the market that just decides in capital, they are not be held in both hands to go up the top flows, however by ” frame on ” the top flows.

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Comparing what the route of Li Yifeng’s transition goes harder is Lu Han, be loved because of what flow with Guan Xiaotong’s top and faced greater pressure. After the show that becomes a girlfriend especially obtains progress, lu Han can generate self-abased sentiment very easily. Especially last year ” Shanghai fort ” , han allowing a deer was immersed in tremendous ego in suspicion, the net drama till this year ” pass through live wire ” public praise explodes greatly, just gained a tiny bit of opportunity that breath.

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Strike while iron is hot subsequently, with monarch of acting school image 1000 sources cooperate ” there is no escape ” , true rip off the label that the God on the body sends. From omnipotent big male advocate, to the small town of the gas that stick the ground, lu Han found the part type that suits his most. Dropped God load, dropped God frame work, successful nature also success will come when conditions are ripe.

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The Yang Yang with onefold expression, its are honest drama of summer vacation net ” full-time ace ” in had tried tremendous breakthrough, it is no longer one with be linked together callous expression, carry the show of bit of contrast bud however. The blueness that although expose,gave acting is acerbity puerile, also showed the window of oneself and talent however. Young actor is not afraid of expose weakness, because,do not want others ” Laoshi of old division commander is short ” appellation, oneself rose with respect to true end ” teacher ” frame. The actor is not afraid of from 0 begin, most avoid hide one’s inadequacy by keeping quiet, deceive oneself as well as others to won’t progress forever.

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Yang Yang is in ” daring vanguard ” in also found performance new thinking, change since his expression is onefold very hard, cannot do Chinese Tom Hankesi, so the Tom Kelusi that does a China, do not have not not be a kind of real solution.

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Be in so ” daring vanguard ” during filming, yang Yang asks actively to assume more hitting play and dangerous show share, formed Allan finally to be in charge of doing so laugh, yang Yang is in charge of the harmonious situation of hard steel. There is a tall difficulty in film jump bridge paragraph, into proposal of dragon eldest brother he is used vicarious, yang Yang politelies decline: “Eldest brother, I think I try. ” jump subsequently very quickly, succeed, had thumb into Long Yeshu: “True man! “True man!!

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Compare with photograph of idol play actor, behavioral actor is tiredder more dangerous, but to Yang Yang, can find suitable performance new thinking, far than other more important. Perhaps, we are moment picks next blinkers, examine the evaluation of pair of little fresh pork afresh. Person fasten 3 days to should be looked at with new eyes, we must not small look they.

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