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Original title: Xiao Zhan ” survive ” did not sow, ” jade bone Yao ” transmit a good news, the net passes first instance end, or will go up star Do not know everybody discovered? Often a drama reduces mango stand green, xiao Zhan, Yang Zi acts the leading role ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” can come out the information that is about to show, but always be goodish however as a result every time, “The wolf came ” the story is passed long let a person feel even more bored, this does not come out again incognito ” good happiness ” be about to decide archives, to mango stage ” coquettish is operated ” , the netizen expresses in succession ” really irritated ” , every time new theatrical work is shown this kind of operation, looking is heat of need of new theatrical work, to such operation, everybody minds already not strange, also be disinclined even vermicelli made from bean starch ” respond ” . Same after all thing is done much make popular feeling unripe feel disgusted.

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Place of netizen of no less than speaks in that way ” spring came, more than survival was not sowed ” , this drama from kill blueness to arrive show shortly general 3 years, the drama of the evening killing blueness of two main actors broadcasts one after another, did not wait namely come this sweet drama, this compartment ” survive ” ” smooth pink ” ceaseless, that compartment is like battle to act the leading role ” jade bone Yao ” be be worthy of the name however ” get right on the job is sent ” .

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The netizen explodes makings originally goose factory plans to be sowed alone ” jade bone Yao ” will go up the star broadcasts, and this drama ” net drama puts on record ” had changed ” teleplay puts on record ” , and already ” send careful secretly ” , be about to enter 2 careful nowadays, if cross careful smoothly,can go up astral a gleam of is defended inspect broadcast.

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Actually the star on this drama even if also can not let a person wondering, no matter acting or heat are extremely tall,resemble battle, every part can give everybody different sense, can make an audience successful ” in all affection ” , measuring an actor acting how to can say is to opinions vary, but can accomplish ” in all affection ” it is acting however good the most important conviction, xiao Zhan is such. With ” one person 1000 ” will describe had not been, it is ancient costume drama likewise, “Wei Moxian ” with great mind official ” when shadow ” differ completely however, a cheesy and direct openness, cold and cheerless of Gu of case of one individual character is tall. Arrive from Guan Xuan the special number of a eriodical that kill blueness, make people right ” when shadow ” the expectation that sends more.

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Besides, when this drama just killed blueness, a director of the play staff discloses ahead of schedule can meet in the archives of summer vacation time 2022 and everybody, later also somebody explodes expect the specially good effect of this drama has finished, come out nowadays be about to the message of 2 careful, so the possibility that will see archives of summer vacation time and everybody meet is very large still, although whether go up,the star did not know, but drama is sowed going up of the star also be absent a few, and whether to go up the star is not to measure the level with a nice theatrical work, wanting what acting pass a barrier can get authority to approbate only is the mark with this successful drama.

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Think those who say is finally, no matter which drama comes first,I think to most person, the play that sees Xiao Zhan is one kind is enjoyed, need not fear the role is similar, need not worry about a play more ” Lei Ren ” , resemble the person that battle is a have one’s head screwed on the right way all the time after all. Let us expect please so!

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Xiao Zhan enters group hind head show a body, keep out tight is difficult also attack by surprise is handsome, the net passes a surname of general of new acting word

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