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Original title: Song Fang garden: By parents the late night discards, by the head stalk foster father is brought up, by ” the name with family ” have one’s moment blindness _ Netease is ordered This paragraph of time, teleplay ” the name with family ” sowing in the heat on TV and network. The He Ziqiu that personate becomes by Zhangxin in drama earns the tear of sufficient audience.

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He had not seen father as a child, it is a mother one person is born him to raise alone after the divorce big. 34 years old when, the mother goes to Shenzhen working alone, leave him in the home of grandmother.

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Rural child life is difficult, more do not carry go to school. He of discipline of small off year is commanded to carrying basket of a big bamboo on the back by grandmother, mount high earthy slope to cut greenfeed for pigs.

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The man that dates before luckily and her mother is a good person, see him the life is not easy, receive him then beside the life. Be brought up together from this and male feminine lead.

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He is abandoned by the mother in drama, be broken by father living cost, choose even the little sister another elder brother even and do not choose him. The look that wants him without the person is to let popular feeling ache really.

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However, reality compares teleplay far more dog blood. That aggressive in drama is rampant, often with elder brother backchat, with the mother to what work ” small orange ” Song Fang garden, the one’s life experience in her reality life and He Ziqiu are very similar.

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In her probably when 5 months, her one’s own parents does not know is what reason, her the late night abandons. She is when be being gone out to examine by the sound that foster parent hears a doorway in the late night, collect answer.

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Who is the one’s own father and mother that knows her without the person, know without the person she is when to be born. Foster parent sees her have the look of 5 months only, feel distressed she by cruel-hearted abandon, below the circumstance that is willing to adopt without the person, already foster parent of many years old 50 holds her in the arms time bring up grown.

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The condition of foster parent home is bad, enter program of put together art from her ” inherent it is actor I ” when can be seen by the video of exposure. They are Everyman, do not have with general labour firewood estate 2 send, table chair cabinet is wood completely, look to had had some of long time.

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Now she already many years old 20, foster parent also already many years old 70. The person arrived certain age is met by various ailment, her foster father is not exceptional also.

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Song Fang him garden also has said, her father has gotten a head to straighten before New Year in how, body go from bad to worse. He treats for company of luckily family person actively, his cerebral stalk just improves gradually.

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It is age only one big, all sorts of disease in succession and to. Although the head straightens already gradually get better, but his eye has seen not clear thing because of the disease, nearly the degree of blindness.

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Parental old, nature cannot earn money, then just she many years old 20 is about to assume a heavy responsibility that raises the home. Depending on pair of art love, she begins to attend various put together art program, hope him some day can became famous, can have father and mother of more money give presents so.

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Regrettablly, others is to pass long training to just attend choose of put together art, she belongs to become a monk late in life, natural strength differs with others, because because sing,this always also is bad to jump bad to be scolded.

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She has heard countless quarrelling sounds, also admit oneself inadequacy. She must want call forth spirit to make her serious work, because she is fearing each days, him concern has not become famous person allowing the home enjoys the life, family has left.

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Luckily this year teleplay ” the name with family ” broadcast, let everybody realise Song Fang garden this individual. Although she is in the character set in drama not quite denounce happy event, but such set just has character arc light, she also can depend on this play apace to be accepted by everybody.

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Her career has started gradually nowadays, fortunately the body of foster parent ins good health, everything already after suffering comes happiness. “Child be about to raise and kiss prep before ” it is life the biggest painful, hope she is in the life henceforth the career is successful, parental body is healthy also. God always is met favor is kind-hearted and filial person.

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