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Original title: ” still feed ” does Yan Ziping let a person love to be hated again again? After the player takes the place of: So I also am Yan Ziping Believe many young associate were seeing newest cate play ” still feed ” later, to drama every medium part produced deep impression. For instance kind-hearted female advocate Yao Zijin, the Su Yuehua of heart of bean curd of small knife mouth. Especially female 2 abundant violet duckweed, can saying is to love to be hated again again. Because she is female,love is advocate boudoir is sweet, in sequel daughter advocate after encountering a lot of troubles, yan Ziping is met come out boldly, help Yao Zijin spend difficulty. Because,hate is her too cross Babbitt, still want to assassinate Yao Zijin to protect oneself even. So character of a two sides, nature is existence the controversy with very much move.

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The closest nevertheless, everybody hits upon to Yan Ziping’s impression bigger change. Because abundant violet duckweed still has another capacity actually, that is the net swims ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” medium doctor part. Recently ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” it is linkage more ” still feed ” , rolled out a series of tire of new linkage fashionable dress, linkage, still joined brand-new free 100 course of study feed a god to play a way. This linkage also lets many ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” the player knew ” still feed ” this drama.

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Want to know the doctor is wet nurse profession actually, no matter be in the game of what type, the wet nurse is very important. And in the player that employs a wet nurse, woman player is more. Yan Ziping is role of woman of wet nurse occupational, so 10 ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” in woman player, having 5 is ” Yan Ziping ” . When ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” the player goes chasing after ” still feed ” this drama when, hard to avoid can take the place of him the Yan Ziping in drama among this part.

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Once be the first perspective with Yan Ziping, so ” still feed ” this drama appears different it seems that. In the first concentration for instance Yao Zijin, Su Yuehua and Yan Ziping want to join still feed bureau. Because reason is improper,give as a result refused, of air of arrogance of Yao Zijin, Su Yuehua twist a head to go. Yan Ziping is much normaller, qing Dynasty of invocatory king Yao gives a chance. Still feel abundant is violet before duckweed mollycoddle, after automatic generation is entered, discover this is very reasonable suddenly, after all everybody is to wanting to enter palace at the beginning, , how does Yao Zijin, Su Yuehua twist a head to run?

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It is that paragraph to assassinate Yao Zijin next, after all others of him bribery imposture had been discovered into the thing of palace. Taking dead path friend the psychology that not dead deficient, wanting impute Yao Zijin is a very regular job. Return with Yao Zijin at that time after all not ripe, also be a stranger. After Yao Zijin excuses him, the boudoir that became Yao Zijin is sweet, also won’t want naturally to kill Yao Zijin. Can say, yan Ziping is very the Everyman with aspirant effort.

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And ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” after the player is taking the place of, also had a brand-new understanding to Yan Ziping. Like Yan Ziping the young associate of this part, might as well enter ” ghost of Xin Qian daughter ” know another identity of Yan Ziping! At present small as if the gut that eat a word also has been updated, exceed much content to wait for you to experience! Entry game sends a dot emerald green tire.

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