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Original title: The act person of comfort department line of business The act person of comfort department line of business is Xu Kaicheng. 1. Name of comfort department trade is Yan Yun, be ” the Imperial College came a female child ” medium part. He is called to manage course of study, because he teachs in the Imperial College,be, hold the position of department line of business one duty. Yan Yun’s facial features is impressive, brilliant and handsome, have some of Gao Leng however, almost never close woman’s charms, only dedicated at becoming knowledge. The woman that is attracted long by him can say without number, can be Yan Yun to be being cast to his olive, entirely with cool detachment decline. And of this drama female advocate Sang Qi also is just about below this kind of case, just promised others bet about, this iceberg Gao Lengnan that wants to try to let Yan Yun receives next her pouch, because this comes to study of the Imperial College. Two people also developed the force of the love of a paragraph of humorous humour from this.

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This 2. drama is adapted from homonymic novel, and this part of Yan Yun, this answering is in in original work is to confuse myriad girl. After the Yan Yun that but see the Xu Kaicheng in drama,acts, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch state some are disappointed. Xu Kaicheng is being decided makeup the appearance of an actor that includes those who publicize period comfort cloud is very handsome, after but leave,be being sowed, integral colour value has however some drop. Review Xu Kaicheng to had been acted the others ancient costume is beautifully male, yan Zhi is very online, this how abrupt to turn over. Actually careful observation can discover, the hairstyle in Yan Yun’s drama, include dress modelling to wait a moment, differ somewhat with the makeup hair that publicizes period. On hair boundary line and hair hairpin height, have a difference. Before at the same time Xu opens gallopping whole to compare a bit a few fatter, the dry defecate bright before bringing about whole person to be done not have it seems that.

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3. Xu Kaicheng is young 90 hind actor, he is graduated from on play. But surprising is, xu Kaicheng is not actor one’s previous experience, he is graduated from ballet major. He begins to learn ballet as a child, it is a genuine dancer. During the to apply for a job after just graduating, because of distinctive appearance, a strange combination of circumstances became an actor. Him Xu Kaicheng ever said, actually he is not to like to dance very much, because of him when dancing, not quite self-confident. And become an actor, although not be him,be good at at the beginning, but it is however in the process that tries hard gradually, harvested the joyance that grow and self-confidence.

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