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Original title: Conversational Xin Baiqing: Zhou Bingyi is me from the challenge difficulty is the largest part since course of study

Realistic theme is big now drama ” between the world ” defending in Jiangsu inspect heat to sow. In drama, the acting conquer audience of actor Xin Baiqing, actor’s lines appeal is very. From ” 4 worlds are the same as hall ” Guan Xiaohe arrives ” bewitching cat is passed ” medium Li Bai, arrive again ” between the world ” eldest brother Zhou Bingyi, the acting that actual strength sends actor Xin Baiqing got gradually more extensive approbate. Recently, xin Baiqing is accepted interview, told about more he and Zhou Bingyi this part ” the bosom friend is acquainted ” story.

“Life manner of Zhou Bingyi is not average person can achieve ” the Zhou Bingyi of Xin Baiqing personate is Home Zhou eldest brother, young when answer an appeal to head for construction large unit, take an examination of after that on Beijing University, take up a political career after graduation. Look in many audiences, zhou Bingyi is ” idealism ” reincarnate, accomplished truly with real operation ” amount to a the world holding aid concurrently ” . To Zhou Bingyi, xin Baiqing from ” at fair ” ” at illicit ” two layers faced Zhou Bingyi to undertake analysing. “At illicit, treat farther-in-law mother-in-law to cherish a heart that be thankful all the time, abandon a future for wintry plum, protective winter plum does not suffer bad-mouth. Can serve as the cornstalk in the home, he is owing however parents is too much and too much. ” ” at fair, grasping Yi Jingjing course of study, without loaf, already capable to have daring and resolution again, the effort that uses up oneself lets common people live weller, need not oneself special status seeks welfare for family, he is a competent good cadre. ” look in Xin Baiqing, what Zhou Bingyi delivers to the audience is a kind of bosom puts ideal, do not forget the belief of the heart feels first, “To his life manner, I am admired very much, average person can not achieve this. ” but namely such one lets Xin Baiqing ” bear in mind constantly ” part, however within an inch of and his just miss the opportunity. Xin Baiqing discloses: “Because the director is mixed,be manufacture to just try hard indefatigably to await with what last, their sincerity touched me, next I had handled other issues again, very late finally ability enters a play staff. Very late finally ability enters a play staff.. 20220311070850 622af58201fd2 “Zhou Bingyi is me from the challenge difficulty is the largest part since course of study ” in interviewing, xin Baiqing says frankly, “Zhou Bingyi is me from the challenge difficulty is the largest part since course of study ” . Look in him, the difficulty of this part, reflect on one hand in character depict, “So the part of an a bit abstract ideal, need invites an audience in all affection, I must find his little sentiment, need adds the performance that more ground connection enrages, play this role that has distance feeling close. Play this role that has distance feeling close.. 20220311070850 622af58242631 On the other hand, also be a bit what the main actor alludes repeatedly otherer actually, that is the challenge that 50 years time span brings. In drama, when laborious Bai Qingyuan goes to construction large unit, do not pass 20 odd, how the green acerbity feeling of show part, right outside what live to future is the new move of the world, yearning, it is to be placed in the biggest difficult problem before Xin Baiqing. “To me, difficulty does not depend on performing larger than him age part, it is relatively a bit easier that this is returned actually. Bad to act, it is young instead when, because really him age is not small also, be afraid of can appear to violate and feel. ” Xin Baiqing say: “But I think this has nothing to do acting. Need one begin to build a kind of reliability to the audience actually. Only oneself believed, they just can believe, this is the most important. ” every night 19:30, suo Dingjiang Su Wei is inspected ” between the world ” , follow the lifetime that Xin Baiqing walks into Zhou Bingyi. The key is recommended

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