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Original title: Child star Zhang Zimu 14 years old of height are close already 170, the leg grows can to compare Guan Xiaotong, still perform online theatrical work female advocate Have some of Tong Xing, still be enmeshed in them when everybody when the figure when, they already were brought up sadly however, bring everybody the surprise with brand-new appearance and work.

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Protect to hers because of Qu La Xin, let Ren Xiaoxuan fall in love with her, cheat oneself all the time, regard her as oneself Bai Ma is princely, among the world that imagines in oneself alive. And Qu La Xin just likes to cut bingle, do not love to wear the false boy of skirt, accordingly she also is isolated elbow out by the classmate all the time, two such people warm oneself each other together, but when Qu La Xin dress skirt stands before Ren Xiaoxuan when, she broke down however, because cannot accept such fact and the choice commits suicide, also pull Qu La Xin into abyss in the center, this is a paragraph very sad story.

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The beautiful red of Liu of the person that act of La Xin of the Qu in drama is 96 years, she is bigger than Zhang Zimu 12 years old, but two people when be the same as casing, appearance and height difference are not quite apparent, liu Meitong’s height is more than also 168 what she alleges external, but Zhang Zimu stands beside her, show not at all short, because year only she 14 years old, height has been in 1 meter 7 controlled, when she takes this sport, still be less than 14 years old even.

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Zhang Zimu is 8 years, before long she just spent 14 years old of her birthday before, but although her age is not big, had been a little joke character that gives 12 years however. Because film advertisement goes out,she is in when two years old, later because a pair big clever eye is directed by Wang Jiawei pitch on, ginseng performed the film ” generation masters of great learning and integrity ” , formal open her child star career.

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Zhang Zimu also is one of famous small Tong Xing on the screen, can say the audience looks at her to be brought up even. She ever was in ” Xiaoshi is acting ” in had performed small Gu Li, greatly eye, lovely small cheek, pick the point of clean part likeness with Guo.

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Because this drama lets Zhang Zimu become,also be when Gong Tongxing, it is later in drama of each big movie and TV personate daughter advocate in one’s childhood.

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Zhang Zimu follows 85 flowers people also have lot very much, she of sweets of pet name candy acts the leading role in Tang Yan ” live scene is unripe sweet ” in personate crosses small Le Yan;

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Act the leading role in Liu Shishi ” bright the wife of a prince sends female medical service ” in personate Guo Xiaoyun virtuous;

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Be in ” annals of high official position ” and ” on the west country of travel notes daughter ” in, perform Guo Xiaobi to precious jade He Xiaoling child;

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In ” cupreous sparrow stage ” in perform Guo Xiaodiao cicada.

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Zhang Zimu goes out 12 years to come as Tong Xing, ginseng performed work of 449 movie and TV, include ” essence of life faithful Yue Fei ” ” Lan Ling king ” ” Chinese copartner ” ” the very close to each other of Long Zhu legend ” ” unreal city ” ” rascally angel ” etc, she is in it serves to show of the screen suffer bestow favor on degree.

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Zhang Zimu has 14 years old only, but the audience is open-eyed the height at her is close already 1 meter 7, still express not to know whats present child has to be brought up, each grows so high. But Zhang Zimu is so tall because gene is good,be, her father height 1 meter 9, mom also has 168, and she returns those who have very long period of time to grow period, do not pass too tall word, the likelihood still can affect her to receive show later, because of the relation of height, she looks also already very mature.

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And 18 years before, her height still is the level of common child only, 19 years when unexpected however storm wind is smoked tall, she still also is reading junior high school now, but look to had been born like high school.

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Figure proportion of Zhang Zimu is particularly good also, the leg grows can to compare Guan Xiaotong, fine grow again, the key is her framework is very small, take a picture to have atmosphere feeling particularly, recreation encircles ” leg spirit ” female star added again she.

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And Zhang Zimu has begun to perform campus theatrical work when 13 years old female advocate, the teleplay that Guan Xiaotong acts the leading role ” Ceng Shaonian ” green edition ” of Ceng Shaonian in one’s childhood ” Zhang Zimu acts the leading role, be the same as casing with a flock of staff members and actor, her height comparatives fix eyes upon.

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She still acted the leading role last year drama of net of a campus ” adieu, seventeen years old ” , year only she 13 years old, a high school of 17 years old acted to be born in drama, return sentient show share, because this also got a few controversy, nevertheless her appearance performs high school to be born to be done not have really violate and feel, this also is a suspense campus drama that contains strange unreal element. And male advocate Shi Mingze is bigger than her 10 years old, switch on the mobile phone the spot, she and a few main actors with casing, actress is shorter than her one cut, be the same as casing with the actor instead difference is not particularly big.

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When Zhang Zimu is small before, the audience often is divided not clear she and Liu Chutian, because two people grow particularly to resemble, same greatly eye, the small cheek of round circle, but she after be brought up has bit of Jiang Yi bumping into a face to depend on however, at first sight still has the feeling of bit of Ma Tianyu, but did not grow incomplete at least, she present grows Qing Dynasty is purely melting, this appearance is in sweet market of the drama that bestow favor on a net is met special be very popular.

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The first test that faces after Tong Xing is grown is transition, transition is successful from now on reputation big a confusion of voices, resemble Guan Xiaotong, Wu Lei, but also have a lot of die out like that at numerous, zhang Zimu has had the tendency of transition now, fictile role is more and more different also, have a challenge more and more, hope she can have crossed this bank, future can see her in work of more movie and TV!

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