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Original title: Murderess of personate of haze of the Qin Dynasty, behavioral suspense drama ” concealed woman ” switch on the mobile phone, tell about dispute of destiny of 4 concealed woman New theatrical work of haze of the Qin Dynasty ” concealed woman ” had switched on the mobile phone, gather numerous belle star. Qin Lan challenges murderess person to set, zheng course of study becomes personate male advocate, weng Hong, Luo Jialiang joins in, have a strong lineup. Teleplay ” concealed woman ” adapt from the novel ” Nie Yin’s woman ” , basically tell about the concealed woman that is fostered into assassin as a child, of one mind wants to escape the story that assassin organizes.

20220311071027 622af5e38593e

This drama was done on detail bigger alter, mixed a lot of new roles, compare the halcyon sea that conspicuous is personate of haze of the Qin Dynasty among them, such details varies whether achieve expect the result, can wait and see what happens.

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See story clue and gut detail change, let us see cast together again. It is the belle that haze of the Qin Dynasty of haze of the Qin Dynasty regards 70 time as end above all, ” return Zhugegedi 3: Ethereal world ” make a great coup, qin Lan cries mediumly in drama play, lian Qiongyao special praise. Then ” see one shade deep and remote dream again ” , ” Yan Xi strategy ” etc drama is very hot.

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Qin Lan regards Mesozoic Era as tall Yan Zhi’s actor, these two years of ginseng act ” break out of an encirclement ” and ” send the home ” obtain the opinion that does not poor.

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Go out this act ” concealed woman ” , look from drama fully, position is very good, black beret deserves to go up black silk glasses, black is built inside dew waist tote white Western-style clothes, appear condition is first-rate.

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Hu Lianxin 00 hind actor, have on behalf of work ” the good life of love ” , ” 1921 ” etc, go out recently act ” between the world ” hot temporarily.

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As Neozoic actor, be in ” between the world ” in, although go out,those who act is a costar, but the blame of part personate often reachs the designated position, special enter sport, the hope is in this ” concealed woman ” in also can have not common expression.

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Male advocate the acting that course of study of Zheng Yecheng Zheng becomes is special all the time and stable, it is an actor of actual strength clique.

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Zheng Yecheng enters sport very fast, the blame of the performance often reachs the designated position, it is to be in no matter ” tremble, a ministry ” still be in ” fill Tang Huanye ” , ” 3000 crow are killed ” in, have not the expression of common, a lot of play of Zheng Yecheng resemble the feeling that is have words, like nature itself.

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This ” concealed woman ” in piece act male advocate, stable play, affirmative meeting is brought not the play of common.

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Actor of Weng Hong Mesozoic Era, 60 hind be born actor, resemble ” aspic age goddess ” same, after going out, mix partner of glow of hall of Shenyang of Hong Kong well-known actress goes out perform a pair of mother and daughter, the scene is comedic ” enemy of riches and honour ” , send irremediable later, piece perform a lot of theatrical work.

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Have among them ” Zun Er ” , ” shape king Song Shijie ” etc, in ” fine south pass ” in personate Cao empress, bully energy of life is very, acting is easy.

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Actual strength of 90 time Hong Kong sends Luo Jialiang actor, 96 years by fashionable dress drama ” world man ” Xu Jiali of medium villain in drama has his moment.

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By right of ” fellow sufferers ” , ” lofty sentiments of heaven and earth ” , ” years drifting gold ” carry off 3 times TVB myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration is optimal hero.

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Join in this ” concealed woman ” , let this drama act art battle array more show powerful.

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Still have beauty of a lot of handsome young men, did not list one by one in this, overall for, plot of this drama story is very good, act art have a strong lineup, be worth to recommend very much. Sum up Qin Lan to challenge murderess person to set finally, add belle of handsome young man to gather, again the well-known actress such as Weng Hong, Luo Jialiang joins in, make this drama hot go qualitative cruel add, be worth to expect very much.

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