Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Mother of Lin Xiao is too beautiful! Company intermediary basks in two people to close according to younger brother resembling elder sister, look completely to had not been born the child Before paragraph time, lending international woman the opportunity of the section, lin Xiao and mom gather long-unseenly ate a meal jointly, still kept many group photo, holding to patted the principle that is about to be sent, lin Xiao is the photograph of group photo and mom on gregarious platform undertook issuance, match civil conveyed a blessing to mom. The netizens that see a picture nevertheless are very accident, because the mom of Lin Xiao looks too young also! Looking completely to go out had given birth to the child.

20220311071124 622af61cc3270

The mother in the photograph is real too too beautiful, bingle crossing a shoulder is very agile, the she of dress gray sweater very leisurely and comfortable appointment that enjoys move and son, the mug-up on the desk and drink are very exquisite, the integral style of dining-room also has one’s style of work as well as one’s moral quality very much. Besides, mom beside still one hold beautiful flower in both hands greatly, the feeling that two people take together does not look completely to give the age difference that lay between more than 20 years, saying is sister younger brother has not been been.

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Understand the friends of Lin Xiao to know, lin Xiao is born and grow to be in Korea, in June 2020 the portion adds Chinese book. Want to know, lin Xiao once had obtained the world champion that has weight very and Olympic Games champion, and he had joined the training rank of Chinese team, this will skate to China the growing belt of the bound will be helped greatestly, more many netizens express special expect group of group of China of dress of Lin Xiao takes competition ground of the international on the station that day.

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The citizenship in choosing to join is for professional development consideration probably, or be to Chinese culture love, the choice of Dan Linxiao still got come from Korea netizen censure with abuse, and Lin Xiao cares nothing not only, be without even scruple the ground basks in mom’s photograph in gregarious media, this one practice makes what we realize his footing sturdy, also imply the support that he is excellent person at the same time. Of course, chinese netizen is special expect Lin Xiao next of development, let us expect to issue of level him together!

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