Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Blessing loves a lawyer to divulge detail of its divorce case says formerly ” do not strive for raising advantageous position is to have a painful topic “ 20220311080015 622b018f963c5Blessing loves to appeal to the lawyer personally formerly 20220311080016 622b019000977The lawyer says blessing loves to have its difficult place formerly 20220311080016 622b0190141b9Blessing former love and Yo of Hong Jie of former husband river have one one female 20220311080016 622b01902e331Blessing loves formerly On March 11, according to stage intermediary, lawyer of divorce of blessing former love was in recently suffer when visitting, divulge be different from other actor is by agent or assistant calls seek advice, blessing loves formerly is to call personally seek a help, use the means that inspect message to discuss a divorce relevant matters concerned, because media reports,say to reach social public opinion, can make divorce case whole cases more intractable. The lawyer still emphasizes at the same time, blessing loves to strive for the place that raising advantageous position is the difficulty that has herself absolutely not actively formerly. Before this, former love of blessing of Japanese ping-pong Queen of heaven and Jiang Hongjie of Taiwan ping-pong player announced to divorce in July 2021, delimit to marriage of 5 years next period, some of two people Yo one one female stay in Taiwan to be taken care of by the man temporarily at present.

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