Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Big S mom divulges the daughter still does not have apologetic boast ” new husband ” provide Jun Ye to have personal loyalty very much 20220311080029 622b019d1f1f0Boast of big S mom provides Jun Ye to have personal loyalty very much 20220311080029 622b019d496e6S Mom and 3 daughters On March 11, according to stage intermediary report, big S mom is being accepted when interviewing, state big S has not apologized to oneself, but boast provides Jun Ye to have personal loyalty very much, he also does not leave disaster of dispatch a vehicle of the member that combine at that time to be not abandoned. Media interviews big S mom, whether to ask she is fed up with a Jun Ye? S Mom says: “I won’t be fed up with any person casually. ” but be asked about when her why should send ” do not come strong (grab) my daughter ” ? S Mom is clever answer: “The cock says that, I do not say. ” in speak of to providing Jun Ye when impression, s Mom says: “About the same the corresponding period of his He Xiyuan, bright Di goes out, he is very marvellous at that time, another partner gives traffic accident, he does not leave do not abandon, have personal loyalty very much. ” provide Jun Ye to come nowadays Taiwan, after the end is kept apart, can S Mom be willing to see him? S Mom did not give the answer, say lightly only: “I do not know. ” it is reported, on March 8, big S and member of dragon of Han round cruel provide Jun Ye to announce suddenly to remarry, because S Mom is concealed to feel the lingering anger by the daughter. Till today, individual character very the big S of bend so as to breakstubborn still did not apologize, mother and daughter two also did not understand a telephone call up to now or meet communicate, the thing remains the same deadlocked is in origin. 20220311080029 622b019d5ef6cBig S mom late night dispatch 20220311080029 622b019da909aDispatch of big S mom

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