Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Firm of Bai Baihe investment is carried out by limitative high spending total amount is close 400 thousand

20220311080109 622b01c587cfdThis company is restricted high spending 20220311080109 622b01c5caf66This company shareholder and main personnel 20220311080110 622b01c64ae01This company is carried out circumstance Recently, check according to look forward to check APP to show, because limited company of science and technology of network of Beijing person with power did not finish labor dispute, human affairs controversy on time to Fu Yi Wu is restricted high spending, associated object is Zhang Wei of its legal representative. Bai Baihe (Bai Xue) for one of its partner, hold 10.04% . This company already was carried out 8 times before this, be carried out total amount amounts to three hundred and ninety-seven thousand one hundred yuan. 20220311080110 622b01c6c70cf

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