Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Thailand be addicted to dies exposure of plan of site of memorial meeting of female star Tangmo will come 13 days to be held in cathedral on March 11

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According to peaceful intermediary report, the memorial meeting of the Tangmo of Thailand female star that be addicted to dies, come 13 days to be held in Bangkok freedom cathedral on March 11 at present, spot adornment already was finished, be move for mass-tone with white and pink, the hope can build the aura that gives bright romance. It is reported, tangmo of female star of 37 years old of Thailand (Ni amounts to · handkerchief to check graceful Weilapan) at dropping on Feburary 24 the river dies hind, the aboard when be being sent on business the confession of 5 people is differ, make case doubtful point whole cases heavy, must more thorough find out, the mother of Tangmo makes clear ” this is not accident ” , this thing causes a netizen to pay close attention to. After this, tangmo mother was excused experience case shipowner and the male plute that participate in a boat to bend over among them, but the agent that expresses to won’t excuse Tangmo and someone else.

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