Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Suffer epidemic situation to affect TVB to will be carried out ” closed circuit type ” working space Ceng Zhiwei already took the lead in signing up

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According to harbor intermediary report, suffer epidemic situation effect, many TVB play staff needs shutdown to come on March 20, the loss is as high as 8 digit word. Because this TVB is carried out of purpose ” closed circuit type ” working space, scheduling lets pass 100 office successfully through what detect, art member colleague, round-the-clock stay in TV city start working, by a definite date makes an appointment with 3 weeks, accepting employee to sign up now. This plan besides can let drama anthology film be able to run normally, the employee that also can let have a room is at ease, pat drama much person to gather from beginning to end, the show before adding screen cannot wear guaze mask, can have particular risk, in TV city stay general can ease worry. TVB is being added for TV city now add many establishment to make cooperate, for example Morpheus space, bath space, also can arrange 3 meal prandial reach commodity. Because involve stay about 3 weeks, and many detail need to solve, labour union of the member that reason is enquiring the behind the curtain before the stage now is denied sign up attend, if enough talent can execute the number formally, and initiate this ” closed circuit type ” the Ceng Zhiwei of TVB general manager of working space, already took the lead in signing up, support a plan in order to act. ” gaze around ” chair Chen Tingxin to also receive an information, express to expecting company arrangement, yi Yang character meets the Ma Guoming that inspect the Supreme Being to cooperate with all one’s strength!

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