Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: After 30 years are being lain between when Zhang Aijia Zhong Zhentao, cooperate once more

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” 24 flavour ” Nie Qing of reporter of dispatch of new wall bulletin reports on March 8, playwrite of You Huangqi Ling is directed, the film that Zhang Aijia, Zhong Zhentao, Yuan Li forest acts the leading role ” 24 flavour ” , switch on the mobile phone formally at Guangzhou. ” 24 flavour ” through what be brought up in cool tea shop the growing perspective April told about the girl to go up century 90 time up to now the joys and sorrows of average household of a Guangzhou, refract the changes that gives a city nearly 30 years, focusing transition of rapid development, society finishs the period the nobody’s destiny. The flavour of cool tea of 24 flavour since, the five flavors that also is a destiny is miscellaneous old. Be in at the same time moving story backside, film will film in find a view of Guangzhou old the city zone, much angle reveals a Guangzhou’s distinctive city style and features and culture inside information, present aesthetic of distinctive vast seat of government. It is reported, the play of film ever film of selected golden pheasant is achieved cast meeting (ever used a name ” will in good health ” ) with Wu Tianming young film fund is achieved cast meeting. Exquisite and appealing the plot of a play won Zhang Aijia of actual strength actor, Zhong Zhentao and young actor the favour of Yuan Li forest. Zhang Aijia and Zhong Zhentao had had classical screen collaboration for many times, depict two people to be in from 1985 40 years are turbulent medium love ” the night of Shanghai ” , zhang Aijia held the position of director, Zhong Zhentao to act the leading role 1992 ” the dream wakes time ” , to more than 30 years are lain between when nowadays, this pair of old partners are the same as casing once more, explanation resists tenaciously one pair for bread and family the husband and wife of the destiny. Face the affection of complex profundity in the play, how do they pass the irregular change of years with masterly acting? How are the tacit understanding between the actor and tension perfected again? Make a person right of this film appear finally more expect.

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