Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Because Taiwan singer Xie Shengqin suffers from medullary cancer to die all the year round is 47 years old 20220311120019 622b39d373ca8Xie Shengqin On March 11, according to stage intermediary newspaper, taiwan singer leaf gets the better of admire to fight cancer more than one year, last month the bottom dies, all the year round is 47 years old. Friend confirms he dies message, divulge he does not wish to bother, disturb the outside, also do not want to let a person know, because this chooses low-key processing this matter. Did not hold even hold a memorial ceremony for of public memorial ceremony, home. The message that he dies, also told family and a few a few close kin good friends only. To this, what Weng Liyou belongs to a person of extraordinary powers to write down disc to express only: Esteem family member, no-go response. It is reported, the leaf gets the better of admire ever was ” group of campus of vocal pop chart of 21 centuries new personality ” champion, go out to distribute part of count Zhang Zhuan after that, often also attend each big activity show. But he was exposed to the sun to go out last year contract medullary cancer.

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