Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Propaganda to the enemy at the front line of incident of the make trouble after Cao Ge responds to wine once more explodes the person that expect appears and say or will carry tell each other 20220311120037 622b39e50d253Cao Ge 20220311120037 622b39e53610aCao case dispatch 20220311120037 622b39e5544e3Cao case dispatch 20220311120037 622b39e56cbfaThe lake inside Taipei city some dining-room On March 11, cao Ge responds to drunken make trouble once more, because origin explodes unidentifiedly,express makings, without confirming, before the fact that knows casuse and effect, each are big media make an issue of covers. He says, I am very disappointed very sad also. At the same time propaganda to the enemy at the front line explodes the person that expect must appear, prove him identity, say: “Come out to note please, open and aboveboard, otherwise I can use up my ability to look for you, carry accuse. ” it is reported, on March 7 evening, cao Ge in the lake inside Taipei city some dining-room explodes an incident of drunken out of control, produce quarrel with adjoining balcony guest, link violent wind bad word, video is gotten online by PO. On March 10, cao case Ceng Fawen, think this thing is to explode the statement of only one of the parties of the person that expect, inadequacy is card.

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