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Original title: Play of bomb of Lin Feng king leaves sow, take next platform to heat up a list of names posted up the 3rd, update short appetite of sufficient audience of 8 collect condole Punishment detect drama also is to enjoy position in industry of movie and TV, have almost every year explode a generation, acted the leading role with respect to Li Ying having Zhao 2021 ” who is a murderer ” conflagration gives a group. During this drama heat is sowed, also be for many times behead wins seat of first of entire network heat, the ode in punishment detective case feels with enough suspense also was to attract audience line of sight, regrettablly ending is a little brash, fail to satisfy the expectation that major theatrical work confuses. Arrived to there are a Jin Shijia and Tan Jian again this year of second main actor ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” heat is sowed, because this drama is double male advocate set drew numerous audience attention, already for many times behead obtains heat day coronal. In the meantime, wait for social heat problem because of angst of force of campus of focusing of the case in drama, appearance, not just itself of case of bureau be confined to, have the meaning of deep administrative levels more, bring so that the viewer thinks, because this is on fabaceous valve,also enjoy a lot of reputably. The king blast theatrical work that at present has a Lin Feng to act the leading role again ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” land network video platform to leave sow, head sow took platform to heat up position of tertiary of a list of names posted up, updated short 8 collect can have such good result, what charm does it have after all? Reel off raw silk from cocoons pares truth of chrysalis look for, harbor wind is dye-in-the-wood ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” the advanced police Wei Jingsheng that those who tell about is serious case set (Lin Feng is acted the role of) , and cheap politics is advanced He Weilian of investigation bureau director (Huang Hao is acted the role of like that) in arrest the accident in fierce process encounters, find out case truth jointly hand in hand, make the story that truth of whole and dark force rises to surface. The story clue of this drama, have the feeling of classical harbor drama actually, dare pat dare act, involve even interest carrying a layer on the head even cover, such measure is inland anthology of major theatrical work cannot film and go out. At the same time this drama belongs to many cases series connection, end points to an a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes, check ability to find ultimate goal as progressively sieve, can arouse spectator interest to the greastest extent. The beginning of gut, male advocate camouflage captures a suspect into mental person, break out accidentally after that, open urgent pursue pattern, suddenly occurrence nurse within an inch of becomes pawn on the road, fortunately male advocate brainwave easily promiscuous seeing and hearing, final and recumbent fight skill arrests the suspect. The movement also is fast accurate firm, do so intense fight hand-to-hand in begin, the target is made clear even if want to attract the line of sight of the audience, and exhibit revealed male lead plane alarm the person is set, it is kill two birds with one stone. Back-to-back, entered subject, a victim appears abruptly, receive listen to a phone to plan to escape, but sail head on come abortive of desert of a car was ground by firm firm ground in the past, show according to cadaver check its are facial be pressed so that identify hard, murderer this measure is really adequate firm. The basis has some thread, police already inference discovery and leader of company upper levels are concerned undertake concluding from many sided clew, have some of feeling that does not feel an end unexpectedly, belong to solid it is condole sufficient everybody’s appetite. Of gut extremely successional strong, make the audience must see ability be informed the truth stage by stage, and having enough logic, ability finishs the integral framework of this drama quite. There is the color of drama of harbor of traditional punishment detect on set, all sorts of violent wind cars, fight hand-to-hand arouses adrenalin minute minutes, kind of dream returns the sense of period of summit of harbor drama summit, also be ” father blueness is answered ” one kind is shown. Actor acting is online, the performance is exquisite and smooth ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” chosen actor to outback audience also be more friendly, male advocate the most in the work that Lin Feng films a few this years is outback drama. He is in what partner Liu Tao acted the leading role 2021 ” stars sea ” also be to be greeted explode greatly, the strong president of personate of peak of drama middle forest also is gas field driving, have atmosphere feeling very much. Challenge of peak of middle forest of new theatrical work goes out perform advanced police, to the acting that feels flabbily should be being shown more for him, and communication is very natural between work in the same placing, but when encountering stubborn case, also be not can self-conscious reveal intense sentiment, appear between double eye went out to ponder over condition, the eyes is solemn and respectful have the tendency that finds out after all more. Pursue a suspect to differ the Yao of one pace only when him discovery, also be to be being taken repent pained mood, tighten close lightly mouth, cooperating those who chase athletic hind to breath substantially, can show the errand that gives a person to feel, deduced part appropriate ground, gave an audience to take the place of strongly to feel. Female advocate Zhou Xiuna has been seleted gold twice optimal like award heroine, and the performance is seasoned, she is in and yellow Zong Ze cooperates ” battle poison ” in the tragic A elder sister of personate, also left deep impression to the audience. In ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” in piece perform attorney role, with her own temperamental be identical, there is reason again in Wen Wan, deduce character trait with all sorts of natural expression and go out. Another male advocate Huang Hao also belongs to harbor drama like that in carry handle, piece had performed many good theatrical work, be in this ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” in also was to contribute masterly acting, after bottom task fails, lying also is the watch showed self-condemned sense, reveal with exquisite expression establish the role. Altogether, ” Hei Jinfeng is cruel ” the taste that the clue has traditional harbor theatrical work very much, even if without too big breakthrough, but of simple sense of whole or pass a barrier, again logic is added hold, the be concerned about of be personally on the scene giving a person feels, cannot help the development of curious and follow-up gut, explain the old practice very fluently. The actor in drama is more it is certain to be enjoyed inside famous degree, and enter the court with best condition, will respective part explanation is appropriate, appear gave wonderful visual impressions, the plot of a play that wants sequel only and ending do not die, this public praise is firm.

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