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Original title: ” meet season ” loving mother peaceful Hui Chongnan is light female, be enraged dead by while still alive of peaceful excuse me, final and deplorable ending! Of noonday sunshine ” meet season ” sow already very long period of time, like believing major audience follows me, can accompany parents everyday, punctual on TV watch this heat to sow drama, as gut update ceaselessly, the Jian Hongcheng that entire network audience focuses attention to personate of thunder favorable reply promotes the Ning Shu of personate with Zhang Yi, they on two person

20220311120139 622b3a23ad55e

But the minor role with ignored very important however, the peaceful mother that she is personate of severe dawn frequency ‘ Ning Hui ‘ between origianl work novel, the author’s many without the flower words comes depict this character, but the friend that has read origianl work novel knows, the father Jian Zhiguo that the Ning Hui in the novel becomes with Jianhong exactly like, it is one is weighed male light female parent

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Arrive to had treated two children without equality mostly as a child, than below, she more be very fond of little brother Ning Shu, besides, ning Hui’s lifetime, did the business with a lot of optical not to be exposed to, and the kind and enmity of two family, in the final analysis, all rises because of her, also be the doing because of her, bring about oneself final and deplorable ending, be enraged dead by while still alive of son peaceful excuse me

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Chat with everybody today so ” meet season ” in, no matter be origianl work novel,conceal role of the deepest a villain in drama, still be teleplay ” meet season ” explain as clear as dayly, in those days marital Cui Hao goes to work in Jian Zhiguo’s factory, be in in exercise of rush to repair, jump into cold water to have the job directly, brought about Cui Hao to get a suit disease, after wife peaceful benefit is informed this matter, not only did not give comfort, still keep satiric satirize

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Feel Cui Hao is done so very not worth, because this body is ill, return complicity he does not have a law to earn money raise the home, connect finally advanced was not chosen to go up, cui Hao so serious work, it is he feels he had iron rice bowl-a secure job early, factory even if again absolutely affection, also won’t abandon oneself

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But his absolutely did not think of, yard contracted unexpectedly Jian Zhiguo, come so, the destiny of Cui grand family, all masters in Jian Zhiguo in the hand of one person, after brief home is taken over, the member that had done not have how to long spread out to cut into parts works, and Cui Hao is among them one of, after iron rice bowl-a secure job was lost, the dress warmly and ear one’s fill that means Cui Jiaren became an issue

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As the wife, peaceful benefit gas does not make one part, take this thing to find fault with Cui Hao everyday quarrel, what to say on Cui grand mouth, but subdue than who in the heart, it is a soft meal that the man does not think to have a young married woman in the home after all, her satirize are satiric, the negative sentiment in heart of grand letting Cui accumulates more more

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Aeriform in the center, made Cui Hao move toward a blind alley, the picture is the same as casing of the two people in drama, it is to quarrel for the last time, peaceful benefit mouth does not have block, gave a bad idea, let him look for Jian Zhiguo argue, and of Cui Hao leave, also fail to come back again, among this process, ning Hui is off the rails inside marriage still even, just teleplay did not present this one scenario come out

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After hitting Cui Hao to fall ill, ning Hui had other idea, red apricot of it may be said gives a wall, the person that is called Tang Yingjie with is ambiguous not clear, their subterranean amour of two people, cui Hao is not not to know, consider two children are small still, do not think tear her goody appearance, little imagine peaceful benefit concealed a dark heart

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Cong Mou is planted for the level, after Cui Hao walks out of a door, had made dead preparation, the job was lost, the wife still is carrying him on the back off the rails, everything makes him unripe to this family not have can love, of course, cui Hao if amaranthine word, their life may not can be good go where, but in the heart in Ning Shu, scarcely can produce the seed of animosity

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Here, movement of Ning Hui that catch a horse did not stop, after 20 years, as a result of Ning Shu’s operation, let Jian Hongcheng for nothing deficit 90 million, jian Hongcheng is troubled by a contradiction no longer for two family, discuss to want to let Ning Shu move Hainan to live with Ning You designedly, just want to make two family temporarily apart just

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After Ning Hui is informed this matter, exposed oneself dark heart immediately come out, him heart is sordid, who to see have a problem so, in her eye, jianhong is become even if think him spare none, force on blind alley, in fact, if Jianhong comes true so if doing, from the start starts work with respect to him not need, a ability elder brother can do Ning Shu

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This still is not a key, the key is she returns recriminate, say peaceful excusing live on sb while helping others secretly, it is traitor of Cui Jia, the acidest is to breathe out continuously ‘ I went, the father visit a grave to cherish the memory of the dead that who gives you ‘ do not say not bad, this word, the instant with respect to stamp medium Ning You’s pain spot, wind rancorring way immediately ‘ my pa is who gives by hound somebody to death ‘

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This paragraph of gut in teleplay, the director borrows Ning You’s mouth, tore thoroughly Ning Hui’s goody countenance, of course, ning Hui also did not think of Cui Hao can choose commit suicide at the outset, but if do not have her, its ending won’t be this appearance, her lift involuntarily, let Jian Minmin become younger brother of peaceful excusing sister the personal enemy of two all one’s life

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So at affection at manage, the kind and enmity of two family, ning Hui is difficult demit its blame, say with present word for, ning Hui is a model ‘ broken bits daughter ‘ inside marriage off the rails, still be searched to come to come by the wife of the other side later, teleplay is done not have her this one side appears come out, excusable, otherwise, most drama pink should stand to brief family here

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And teleplay follows origianl work fiction identical is Ning Hui is heavy male light female, oneself age every day, the place that spend money is less and less also, carrying Ning You on the back then, bought a new house, on house property card, only Ning Shu follows her name, excuse without peace alone only 2 words, ning You did not ask a mother face to face, but carry this responsibility, make her complete recognize maternal selfishness

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Arrive to be in mostly as a child partial little brother, even if of peaceful excuse me made a fault can get excusing, ke Ningyou just followed Jianhong to be scolded into connection with friend relation ‘ traitor ‘ visible peaceful Hui Chongnan is light female idea has how terrible, say not to let Ning Shu revenge on the mouth, be afraid of him embroil namely actually, still have even if was afraid of Ning Shu not to meet brief family

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Get along in be nervous ground everyday, after Jian Minmin is sent into the jail by Ning Shu, this thinking that all these can end, but as a result of all sorts of objective reasons, jian Minmin’s accusation does not hold water, after be released from prison, dead knock of resolved excuse me following peace after all, resemble at the outset same, hit personally come to come, ke Ningshu did not appear in her in the moment of truth before

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Of Jian Minmin strong let Ning Hui on the spot syncope, after be being sent into the hospital, ning Shu was not taken care of heart to heart to the mother, threw cure to protect personnel however, the Ning Shu on visibility is done not have before final Ning Hui is dead last, so her ending, feeling giving a person comes spicily extremely, ning Hui’s miserable final result, it is eat one’s own bitter fruit completely

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Heavy male light female all one’s life, in the end, can show those who go up still is a daughter, mother person is set, complete collapse, your netizen sobs unceasingly, do not know everybody the view with different what does this part have to Ning Hui? Welcome to collect, transmit, leave a message, one key 3 even

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