Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Yun color crosses thick Gao Tian to raid, an eldest son the love of elder sister of a size too above Recently by a of mango stage sweet drama ” Yun quality is too great ” to attracted, this drama is to adapt the homonymic novel from 6 awn star ” Yun quality is too great ” . 6 awn star is small make up the author that likes very much, her novel is Gao Tian does not have cruel, and length is not very long, the most important is, men and women advocate it is to have well_matched career and domestic room, either take up a political career even if mix from the eldest son in the businessman size elder sister.

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” Yun quality is too great ” hero Zhou Shiyun is hundred years familial the 2 childes in, to take up a political career and doing not have interest from business, belong to childe of old and well-known family in additional kind, it is the surgeon with an excellent medical skill. Heroine revive the for generations in pity north home from business, have abundant family property accumulated over a long time, can do directly obviously carefree rich 2 generation, want to charge recreational group with oneself actual strength unluckily. Zhou Shiyun and revive the grandfather of two people of pity north is the friendship that spends a lot, agree the child marry of two people, as a result two people are unripe son, this agreement arrived grandson on generation body. Had entered character 8 to calculate, zhou Shiyun and revive the character 8 of pity north most and, be in two at that time person innocent moment, family is done advocate gave baby to kiss. Two people are sniff in person to this baby, be engaged repeatedly even banquet, two people were not attended. As expected the Eight Diagrams of hundred years calculates Zhou Jiajin still is very accurate, two people still met. Zhou Shiyun relied on Yan Zhiying to get revive the attention of pity north, began to make the way that laughs at those who have sweetness to chase after a husband then.

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Drama edition ” Yun quality is too great ” it is by fourth Yu Xi little elder brother and elder sister of Miss Zhang Yuxi act the leading role, small write the play that had not seen these two people act before this drama, male nevertheless advocate very handsome, female advocate very beautiful. Look at two people interact or have sth. worth seeing or reading very much, especially female advocate to cause male advocate a few motions that the attention makes, it is to be done again really laugh amused, men and women advocate right when inspecting, the air all round is risking the hubble-bubble of pink. Because the likelihood is certain reason, of drama edition altered one part content, did not show Home Zhou in drama edition hundred years familial details, the appearance of group of commission fall forward, what also did not show Home Su is gorgeous. Also have a few characters and gut not little alter, the likelihood is to be afraid of cannot cross careful, nevertheless this does not affect a men and women advocate between sweet degree. When coming always, still be the drama of a Gao Tian.

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This drama has not broadcasted 3 days broadcast a quantity with respect to what had had 100 million, besides the men and women advocate Yan Zhi is absorbing outside, a lot of people are strong move quite sweet will see this play. Some closer year this kind sweet the drama that does not have cruel is particularly welcome, the likelihood is everybody some earlier year be gotten by cruel too firm, together with reality lived to had been sufferred from quite, want to look more for certain sweet drama washs the heart that washs his. ” is Yun quality too great ” did you see this play? Happy event do not like this to plant sweet drama?

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