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Original title: The war between bully screen male god, compare Ren Jialun, wang Kai slightly better As ” Qing Pingle ” be close to gradually at end, the Song Renzong Zhao of personate of Wang Kai place auspiciouses also very thorough popular feeling; And the big play of another espionage war of his place personate ” fox-hunt ” also be about to end subsequently, bully screen full the Wang Kai of two months also should say good-bye with us.

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Do not pass two theatrical work sow person of sell one’s own things very surprise, before broadcasting quantity and audience to love to spend certain all the time room 3, and Wang Kai also is sealed to be by everybody ” bully screen male god ” title. So as Wang Kai get offline, after close therewith another ” bully screen male god ” be He Fang after all divine? Right, that is our place is familiar — Ren Jialun ” Qiu Chan ” with ” fox-hunt ” the setting of two drama happening is different the trilogy that he acts the leading role at present is in orderly meet with us gradually, among them ” Qiu Chan ” already one-up meet with us, this drama and ” fox-hunt ” it is an espionage battle euqally piece.

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Different is: ” Qiu Chan ” setting is in the Republic of China, the current political situation is unstable at that time, two parties conflicting, add the eye covetously of ab extra aggressor, the part of a historical period of personate of Ren Jialun place is strong, code name ” Qiu Chan ” also appearing right now. In the moment of truth of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, he is thrown into jail, the wisdom that relies on oneself finally dissolved an another crisis, ceaselessly to me army convey of all kinds and important information, cause my party the victory that my army won the War of Resistance Against Japan. And he himself also is in this another in conceal triumphal and return, also obtained the love that belongs to oneself finally, give oneself ” Qiu Chan ” the task drew a satisfactory full stop.

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” fox-hunt ” located setting is peacetime, but the criminal engineered a variety of plot again and again however, personate of Wang Kai place ” talent backstop ” Xia Yuan the be involved in of one pace in this plot. In successional experience painful after the blow that loses true love and bosom friend, his requicken, set sail, be in finally teammate people under ceaseless support, uncovered the plot of guilty group smoothly, bring to justice its smoothly, also will both this rich play chess between delimits went up a satisfactory full stop.

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Wang Kai contrast holds the post of Jia Lun’s acting, wang Kai more get the better of one prepare compare two theatrical work, two big ” bully screen male god ” acting also is to allow authority very a bit of controversy. But compare under, wang Kai’s inside information is a few solidder, compare Ren Jialun for also with respect to slightly better. ” Qing Pingle ” for this drama, zong Ke circle can nod the Songren of personate of place of the Wang Kai in ancient costume drama, although everywhere show mercy, but however Song Renzong every phase, the every word and deed of every thing is complete reductive the history, let us see really true Song Renzong.

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And ” fox-hunt ” although be a contemporary theatrical work, but Wang Kai’s acting also is complete on-line. Do not know everybody still remembers he and ” first wife ” be similar to this drama another times of princely article partner ” if snail has love ” ? Both photograph is compared and character, the Wang Kai in this drama more maturity is much, summer of character of his place fictile is far, no matter be to be in,face lose true love and bosom friend, enemy’s rear area of development of final still consolidate step by step gains final victory, every act is play. But take office as Jia Lun and character, ancient costume drama ” under bright and beautiful garment ” it may be said of partner Tan Songyun is to earn sufficient everybody’s eyeball, the bright and beautiful garment of his place personate defends Liu Yi to be in those who treat personate of Tan Songyun place is female catch fast today summer, the emotional free and easy between two people rises and fall, not allow from extreme misery cherish of heart heart photograph, arrive again today summer be at the outset the orphan of Xia Yan case, there is intense and deep-seated hatred between two people, cannot go. But the person that loves each other finally can break through everything, travel together hand in hand, and Ren Jialun and Tan Songyun are not exceptional also. Ren Jialun is in this drama figure is handsome, let a person cannot dismiss from one’s mind, acting is natural also it is to be able to be encircled can nod, describe the feeling between as loose as Tan charm incisively and vividly. The heat of the two people after from this drama heat has been sowed lasts all the time ” fox-hunt ” , the acting that this shows holds the post of Jia Lun also it may be said is worth affirmation.

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Mention in front ” fox-hunt ” the setting of this drama is the Republic of China, and the market of espionage war play is not very high, but because hold the post of heat of Jia Lun that join and lets this drama,do not decrease continuously, the person energy of life of visible Ren Jialun or pretty are tall. But simple energy of life seeing a person and Yan Zhi are to cannot be taken numerous, the stand or fall of acting just is kingcraft. Personate of Jia Lun place holds the post of in this drama ” Xie Chong ” from at the beginning come on the stage admire with respect to Jing letting a person, a suit military uniform, in eyes look movement, every act of every word and deed is in explanation ” Qiu Chan ” this part, the accord from everybody reputably in also can see Ren Jialun the acting in this drama.

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But compare acting, ren Jialun is young still, to the character model come compared with Wang Kai, still be slightly worse. Believe to acting art in the process of career long rainbow, acting also is met excelsior. After the hope has precipitated, ren Jialun can bring the theatrical work with better more to make for us, let us expect together.

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