Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Original title: Lie between when old, sea Qing Dynasty takes new theatrical work ” the heart is resided ” meet with the masses, what kind of surprise can she bring? Before still remembering 13 years ” humble abode ” ? 13 years, the sea is returned in struggling life more than, buy a room not to cease. Article of You Haiqing, Tong Yao, Zhang Song acted the leading role recently ” the heart is resided ” be about to leave sow. On March 8, teleplay ” the heart is resided ” the placard that official Zhang date releases Guan Xuan warm-up, although did not affirm calm grade at present, but the time that most propbably distance broadcasts is not far also. This drama is adapted according to homonymic novel. Novel with ” house ” nod to be cut, from Gu Jiasan sibling buys a room to sell a room to speak of, outspread each section plane to real life. Each place allows to catch about the essence that theatricalizes daily, appearing exquisite the style of style or manner of writing with dye-in-the-wood internal heat of soft glutinous, smoke, basically showed the Shanghai citizens that with Feng Xiaoqin and Gu Qingyu this is a delegate to sisters-in-law, in the life sloughy in this drama centre of gravity returns the story of diligent effort is around the house, and because this is derived,go out all sorts of earthly spread out. Buy a house for instance, tear open change, fry etc, although be a few parents in short, but the sense that gives a person is true, have life energy of life very much. The contradiction between the husband’s elder sister of Shanghai this locality of the nonlocal daughter-in-law of sea clear personate and Tong Yao personate gives priority to a line, cast off the Yo that lets an audience headache of concern of problem, spouse, wife and mother contend for. Emphasized female perspective again at the same time, showed female strength. Also presented two people’s wonderful collision in prevue, two actress take the part hold very reach the designated position, in knowing pair of joke in He Tongyao, hai Qinghui brings what kind of surprise to the audience.

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