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Original title: Lean ” the general is going up ” good name Yuan Yang, is Wang Chu in like that ” still feed ” in became how such? Amount to a person as a flock of networks that can admire belle handsome young man every day, young associate people had encountered the beautiful woman that allows you to shine at the moment? Still never mention it really, a absurd has been encountered really. It is to develop what Ma Saichun goes looking originally at the outset ” the general is going up ” , which are become want to see cousin by accident all one’s life, the sound of cousin willow cherish of personate of king Chu Ran is engraved on needle of A absurd heart at a draught. Telling true A absurd also is not the person that had not seen market, antediluvian belle anyhow also looked so many, but the beauty of such Qing Chun, this who is carried so that live. So from ” the general is going up ” case, a absurd is lost in thoroughly of king Chu Ran fine-looking. Just look recently ” still feed ” , careful one look just discovers, that small companionate Su Yuehua beside Wu Jin character is king Chu Ran actually. Other we also do not say more, that feeling looks, king Chu Ran at least old 10 years old, the beauty of come to an agreement or understanding, how be ” still feed ” in such by Huo Huo? The ancient costume of king Chu Ran is very beautiful really. ” the general is going up ” in although she comes on the stage show share is not much, but want her to come on the stage only, basic the focus that is full-court. The Liu Xiyin of personate of king Chu Ran not bewitching is not colourful, wearing Bai Yi also is a extremely gorgeous color, her beautiful Qing Chun and distinctive, time excessive colour all is between eyebrow eye. Let a person look to cannot help liking, the Liu Xiyin of later period is black after changing although make the same score,added a charm, but the happiness that her beauty remains the sort of making that the person is yearning to adore, and won’t offend life be disgusted with. The good person that probably young associate feels is Liu Xiyin is set foiled the beauty of king Chu Ran, but be in ” Qing Pingle ” in, the Zhang Guifei aggressive of personate of king Chu Ran rampant, but her beautiful still soul-stirring. And ” over the general ” different is, the Zhang Guifei of personate of this king Chu Ran’s beautiful make public bold, bestow favor on the wife of a prince as, piece of high-ranked imperial concubine of personate of king Chu Ran amorous feelings all is in laughing to knit the brows. Cast open business the person of high-ranked imperial concubine is set do not talk, this the appearance of an actor of king Chu Ran is really extremely beautiful, place is met toward everybody before the acting that ignored her because of her beauty, look occasionally fine-looking also be a kind of burden. Be in so ” still feed ” before broadcasting, a absurd still thinks Wang Chu can continue like that the United States goes down, but who knows, whole department ” still feed ” filter lens and makeup look lets person spoil one’s appetite simply. No matter be ” over the general ” Li Qingchun’s Liu Xiyin, or ” Qing Pingle ” Sino-US colourful Zhang Guifei, be inferior to ” still feed ” the Su Yuehua in shakes. A absurd also is true did not think of, a girl of 22 years old gives actually ” still feed ” the feeling that patted 32 years old, lane of this much ability of a reckless waste of food gives such effect. Although archaic color is done not have nowadays thick, but unapt also arrived to be like here pace, ” still feed ” this character makeup penitentiary, sensory person is in fade general. Chu Ran of pardonable also king this is not good-looking, again beautiful person also does not meet with such do sth over and over again. Without absurd a review of a play: Before ” the strategy that delay happiness ” lean so dark heavy filter lens conflagration, but this does not mean all drama to suit such filter lens, this thinking ” Yu Louchun ” had let playwrite and director eat to have a deficit. Can look nowadays ” still feed ” , look so dark heavy filter looking glass can become Yu Zheng’s distinguishing feature probably, chase after drama A absurd to have now need not look make square, should looking only is dark heavy filter looking glass, that 80% be Yu Zheng. Just regrettablly the Yan Zhi of king Chu Ran, it is a beautiful little elder sister obviously, be born forcedly however unripe by do sth over and over again as if old 10 years old, look makeup look of what, be being affected to the person’s Yanzhi still is huge. Hope the next time elder sister of king Miss Chu Ran receives drama to be not drawn again ugly, growing good-lookingly is natural sth used to one’s own advantage, but must not be given Huo Huo by acquired makeup look. A absurd is enumerated these a few parts, young associate people feel the which part of king Chu Ran is the most beautiful?

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