Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Fire of Luo Yunxi new theatrical work! 2 days of nets sow a quantity to defeat ten million, heat is chased after continuously ” happy tentacle can be reached “ Speak of the theatrical work of movie and TV that sows in the heat on the net recently, huang Jingyu and Dilireba act the leading role ” happy tentacle can be reached ” should be most a of fire, heat ranks the first all the year round, hot search is ceaseless, the net sowed a quantity to also be defeated nowadays 700 million, person morale is very high really. But, ” happy tentacle can be reached ” also not be to do not have adversary, for example the new theatrical work of optimal Luo Yunxi leaves sowed, and just sowed 2 days with respect to fire, the network closes inspect a breakthrough 6 ten million, heat is chased after continuously ” happy tentacle can be reached ” , explode paragraph appearance is very!

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This new theatrical work of Luo Yunxi is ” fire is weighed on the month ” , advocate if tell heavy fire palace,little princess weighs the Gu Gu on Xue Zhi and month advocate on the rough love story that the official shows. Among them Luo Yunxi with respect to personate hero ” on the official is appeared ” , the appearance of an actor in drama is very handsome, yanzhi let everybody love, luo Yunxi is worthy of is ” ancient costume male god ” , when wearing ancient costume to appear every time, metropolis Jing admires everybody, strong Luo Yunxi should seek theatrical work of this ancient costume!

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And ” fire is weighed on the month ” just just sowed before long, the heat that caused everybody on the net is discussed, must say person morale of Luo Yunxi is too high really, drive his new theatrical work to broadcast 2 days, the net sowed a quantity to break through 6 ten million, the hottest great theatrical work that heat also seeks instantly continuously ” happy tentacle can be reached ” , can saying is to have very much explode paragraph photograph, be worthy of is Luo Yunxi, new theatrical work is too good.

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And ” fire is weighed on the month ” conflagration, the contribution of more than also of course Luo Yunxi, still have the heroine Chen Yuqi that acts the leading role together with him! Right, of drama of this ancient costume female advocate ” heavy Xue Zhi ” it is You Chenyu fine jade of personate, what Chen Yuqi acts is very pretty good, part fictile is very clever, internal heat heats up outside chilly inside, beautiful of all of colour value acting has CP to feel with Luo Yunxi again, let a person like Luo Yunxi and Chen Yuqi very much really partner of this pair of CP!

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