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Original title: ” volume of SCI mystery record ” hind, have again good-looking double male advocate explore record play can be chased after 2018, what act the leading role by Gao Hanyu, Ji Xiaobing is double male advocate explore record play ” volume of SCI mystery record ” broadcast, temperature is not high when this drama anthology broadcasts, but depending on make excellent, height scale of reductive origianl work, gut is large, give a group successfully, obtain an audience to agree reputably, heat lasts up to now. Although this drama anthology has broadcasted 4 years, but the sound that expects the 2nd season had not been broken all the time. Although 4 years time goes, the main actor in drama is performing the positional when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation of art circle, but director and actors did not neglect commitment of summary the old cast as before.

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Although still did not wait for everybody painstakingly 4 years,come ” volume of SCI mystery record ” the 2nd season, but audience people wait however came Tan Jian second, another when Jin Shijia acts the leading role double male advocate explore record play ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” . It is together double male advocate explore record play, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” with ” volume of SCI mystery record ” have many same place. It is gumshoe header + the talent’s combination.

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” volume of SCI mystery record ” in, bai Yu pupil is gumshoe header, extending credit is psychological doctor, two people partner cooperates closely. ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in, du Cheng is gumshoe group team leader, shen Yi is talent picture division, one is in charge of a picture, one is in charge of arresting a person. Leading role has source, bai Yu pupil and exhibit boast to be brought up together as a child, be very the brother that be close friends. Du Cheng and Shen Yi are known 7 years ago, but Du Cheng looks not Shen Yi of pleasing to the eye. Do not have likewise female advocate, have two only male advocate absorption start a career, arrive from correct good partner, together crack a criminal case. Make fun of without redundant affection, have his heart filled with only start a career.

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Although go up to hit a car a bit in character set, but these two drama are completely different, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” be not delay to change work, achieve a play to bring infinite likelihood to the audience formerly. From the point of the plot of a play of broadcasted a few part, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” make rhythm of excellent, crack a criminal case acting of fast, actor is online, every case contains a lot ofdeep desire, not float at the surface. This drama basically tells about talent picture Shi Shenyi and Du Cheng of gumshoe group team leader, from the story that does not tackle to become good partner each other.

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This drama has gut rhythm fast, clue burns a brain, invert much, scale is large wait for a characteristic, look more jump over above, on line ceaseless violent wind raises 4 days of temperature, obtain an audience to agree reputably. As double male advocate explore record play, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” show the concern between two leading role incisively and vividly. Du Cheng contains very great hostility to Shen Yi at the beginning, call Shen Yi not to paint a picture again even, because his picture kills a person.

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Original, shen Yi is talent picture division, can 3 years old of pictures are old. 7 years ago, shen Yi ever gave a new wife the picture. He junior and flighty does not know that one his picture kills a policeman dead, the Shen Yi that cherish ashamed remorses goes alarm school when the teacher, application attune works toward a gleam of later. Story at the beginning, shen Yi received transfer order, he is moved to gumshoe group of Du Cheng to hold the position of picture division, and above the office that arranges to him is thunder team once the office. Du Cheng and Shen Yi meet for the first time conflict is very big, du Cheng does not hope somebody uses the office of thunder team, when seeing picture division is Shen Yi, he cannot be accepted more. Du Cheng says before the face of boss: “He does not have me, I do not have him. ” let go not to work even, be about to be moved toward other military unit corresponding to a company.

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But in the director persuade under, du Cheng acquiesce lets Shen Yi stay, shen Yi relies on what ability gets Du Cheng to approbate. In detecting a case, shen Yi develops his picture source material incisively and vividly. He can take up the post of Xiao Xuan diary from the picture in general literal expression this in ” boy friend ” appearance, also can from skull reductive give the dead before one’s death about, still can mix according to the daughter appearance appearance of the mother, the picture gives father’s look. This technical ability is too strong, also the picture because of Shen Yi, helped Du Cheng detect another case one case, two people in there is tacit agreement more and more in cooperating, du Cheng also put down a heart to ill feeling mediumly with prejudice. In drama, we can see Du Cheng’s manner has apparent change.

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When knowing Shen Yi has risk, his insecurity arrives to seek a person immediately, face a suspect to be able to not dominate his sentiment. Search in the database when the picture when be less than OK and corresponding person, guessing Shen Yi draws a fault, only Du Cheng chooses none hesitantly to believe Shen Yi. Should want to execute the mission, du Cheng can fear Shen Yi is safe, handgrip hand teachs him fire. When Shen Yi deep-set be in what cannot paint suspect face is self-condemned in when, du Cheng can comfort him, accompany him to go to natatorium searching memory, call Shen Yi not self-condemned.

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Shen Yi proves to everybody with ability his picture is useful, also resembled winning Du Cheng’s credit with a piece of Zhang Hua. Du Cheng and Shen Yi from see pleasing to the eye is tacit and dye-in-the-wood not, successive is during this, after the audience looked, can not feel very abrupt, feel instead follow a rational line to do some work well. We should like to ask who won’t by a clever, ability strong, must go up in side of the moment of truth is busy teammate attracted? Their two people division of labor is clear, one is in charge of be in rear picture clue, an advanced face captures convict charge forward. Cooperate closely under, unveil an another mystery group.

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Without the amative link of dog blood, also contend for the setting that I fight without you, do not have babyish inference more, every case respects the intelligence quotient of the audience. This ability is nice explore case theatrical work, every law case burns a head to invert much, below the case of nervous stimulation, have the meaning of deep administrative levels again. Be in ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in, only an idea ground attacks to go up to every case, only a person’s mind of whole body of two leading role starts a career. See Shen Yi and Du Cheng, I as if saw Qin Ming and Lin Tao, saw Bai Yu pupil is mixed extend credit.

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Did not see for ages so good-looking double male advocate explore record play, gut does not fool audience, actor acting also reachs the designated position, figure relationship processing reachs the designated position, give priority to with explore case, but also did not renounce leading role between interactive, look more really jump over above. ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” in broadcasting, like to watch the audience of this type teleplay, ten million cannot be missed!

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