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Original title: Pat a kiss to make fun of with the wife of good brother what feeling? Hu Ge feels embarrassed next mouths, zheng Kai is not put As the actor, encounter the bridge that kiss play paragraph it is common occurrence. Do not be willing to be kissed with the other side that is not sweethearts relation in even if heart, hinder to want major at becoming an actor, great majority won’t refuse. Have a kind of more awkward case, it is the husband that the object that kiss play is a good friend or wife, this looks with respect to some ” immoral ” , let bilateral relative awkwardness. The wife that says a few actors and good brother next takes kiss sport, let these actors feel embarrassed foot of fist of put to good use. The wife plum Cheng of Sun Yi continent and boat of good brother Li Jia pats a kiss to make fun of, feel awkward, li Jia boat calls designedly condolatory Sun Yi continent with Li Jia boat is gotten acquainted with at ” love apartment ” , through 5 adjust, do not have the good brother that the word does not say via becoming already. In the 5th when, before the wife plum Cheng of Li Jia boat is returned, go gues-starring, of boat of personate plum beautiful ” mother-in-law ” , the picture is done quite it seems that laugh. Be in early actually 2014, li Cheng with collaboration of Sun Yi continent passes a TV station ” my red hears cummer ” . It is this drama does not have the star on the success all the time only, those who become regret making a person ” bead of involuntary discharge of urine ” , can broadcast in Hunan place channel only. When film, li Cheng and Li Jia boat already government-owned announce amour has period of time, sun Yi continent still serves a blessing designedly at that time. Absolutely cannot think of, later Sun Yi continent cooperated with the wife of good brother. The Li Cheng in drama and Sun Yi continent personate a pair of sweethearts, from look each other at first not pleasing to the eye, become to finally absolutely refuse to to come the lover of change. Nature of play of this process kiss is little not, a lot of more intense kisses make fun of. Difficult at that time bad Sun Yi continent, the wife of close good brother too ” Babylon ” , even if be in play,also feel awkward. Li Cheng is alleviate the awkwardness of Sun Yi continent, let Li Jia boat give Sun Yi continent to call. Hear good brother so say, sun Yi continent is brave pat a kiss to make fun of with Li Cheng, do an actor to want major. Filming among the process, li Cheng also comforts Sun Yi continent to say to want investment not to want awkwardness. The Sun Yi after be being patted continent break away from condition immediately, maintain a distance with Li Cheng, it is the wife of good brother after all. Still circulating on the network up to now Li Cheng and Sun Yi continent the extract that kiss play, the kiss play of two people is really violent, no wonder Sun Yi continent meeting feels to feel embarrassed, do psychology construction is necessary. Zheng Kai and the wife Lujing Shan of good brother Han Geng pat a kiss to make fun of, very awkward putting Zheng Kai and Han Geng is recreational group is famouser ” brotherly archives ” , cooperate ” predecessor strategy ” it is mental view of a lot of people the 3rd of series in the center ” predecessor is classical ” , up to now by take delight in talking about. Good brother still still is outside play, furtive relation maintains weller. After Han Geng and Lujing Shan Guan Xuan marry, the Zheng Kai below good luck coincidence and teleplay of collaboration of Lujing Shan of elder brother’s wife ” he did not love you so actually ” . The personate in drama a pair ” love year ” , set is Lu Jingshan bigger than Zheng Kai 7 years old. Can say, this is the sweetest pair in complete theatrical work to CP, play of a few kisses theres is no lack of inside. In origianl work novel, the kiss show that this has a few thick Chinese ink to weigh colour to CP is described. When the result is filming, all along ” the day is not afraid that the ground is not afraid of ” Zheng Kai feels embarrassed unexpectedly, state oneself are not put directly won’t pat. Reason and Han Geng are concerned, kiss play is good to seeming his brotherly wife, had better not issue the mouth. Answer the bridge kissing play before Kai seeing Zheng paragraph, more intense have a lot of, never do not put over- . Be in with Jiang Yiyan for example the film ” gutty you love me ” medium kiss play is waited a moment. Direct try every possible way to persuade sb finally, it is OK that Zheng Kai promises a kiss, can be like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply only kiss symbolisticly only this just. So the kiss play in this drama is Zheng Kai most of element, catch it is very difficult to take calm case. This is Zheng Kai takes sport because so old first time kisses play to be not put. Still have one part reason among them, it is at that time she and Miao Miao are in be passionately in love, of genuinely and sincerely the sort of, so measure also is met narrow self-consciously substantially. The play shooting a mouth of the wife Zhang Ling of Hu Ge and good brother Chen Long, him speak bluntly falls not to go mouth introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song and Chen Long are old good friend, friendship has continued more than 20 years, arrive from scallion years and stand year. They cooperate together a few years ago teleplay ” shooting ” , personate a pair ” hunt head brother ” . One of Zhang Ling join Chen Long’s wife together act, just this husband and wife two without gut line, be Hu Ge and Zhang Ling instead have. The pursuit introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song of the Zhang Ling in drama, hu Ge is accepted to what affection moves show love. Two people are congeneric a company, in drama all the day dirt grime is crooked, chen Long looks at them to perform sweethearts. When filming the kiss makes fun of, hu Ge calls an awkwardness then. As different as Zheng Kai, Sun Yi continent, when the wife of Hu Ge and good brother pats a kiss to make fun of, good brother is on the side, of spot direct seeding inspect namely feeling. Hu Ge breathes out greatly when film ” I fall not to go the mouth ” ! Chen Long is in burst out laughing aside watch the scene of bustle, of Zhang Ling feel awkward as much. Film to be not affected plan, the play shooting a mouth of Hu Ge toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself and Zhang Ling, measure narrows self-consciously, kissed ten seconds to stop merely, next of swiftly run. The with other actress kiss in seeing play again makes fun of, hu Ge is direct have words, those who film is very successful. Coda pats a kiss to make fun of most be afraid of encounter acquaintance, the actor that the song that connect moustache, Zheng Kai never twists be affectedly bashful this kind to hold is met feel awkward.

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