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Original title: He Changgui of king person with power is a classmate, wang Mu’s unripe age may make a mistake at the beginning ” rustic love 14 ” be sowed, but the audience is right of this drama ” archaeology ” the job has not ended far. Arrive from 2006 2022, the time span that is as long as 17 years, a lot of gut that make drama medium and logic become via removing deliberate. Probably at the beginning drama also just did not think of ” rustic love ” can take so much department. Consider the logic of gut, find out among them unreasonable place, became a lot of ” countryside learns ” one great pleasure of the scholar. ” rustic love ” had sowed the 14th, in linking theatrical work, act ” Li Daguo ” Wang Xiaohu, and ” Zheng Yu ” Zhu Xingpeng of the person that act, stagewise spits groove from black type. Say ” rustic love ” be written into myth by playwrite piece, the child disappears long, the old person disappears dead, everybody does not go down, had not worked even malic mobile phone it. This word says a bit absolutely actually, the child in ivory hill is brought up every day, xie Tengfei compares Wang Xiaomeng now tower above half. Nevertheless a person does not grow all the time is true, this person is Wang Mu unripe. ” rustic love ” in mixing the 2nd the first times, “Wang Mu is unripe ” the act person of this part is Mr. Fan Wei. Before this, zhao Benshan and Fan Wei had filmed hand in hand ” Liu Laogen ” and ” Martha is handsome ” work of two series drama, bring many joy and laughter for the audience. Be in spring on late stage, zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, Gao Xiumin comprises ” iron triangle ” , get likewise of the audience love. Pat two ” rustic love ” hind, mr. Fan Wei chooses to leave medium of book size hill, wang Mu gives birth to this part to also be laid aside temporarily beside. After several years ” rustic love 7 ” in, wang Mu gives birth to this part to return to, the person that act became prentice Tian Wa of Zhao Benshan. Father and son when face of 2 people good-bye, the consenescence of king person with power is macroscopical, wang Mu was born to become however young groups small. Remember be in ” rustic love 1 ” in, wang Mu makes an on-the-spot investigation to ivory hill natively, say when self introduction: “I am Wang Mu is born, 35 years old belong to a pig, smaller than beetle-crusher 3 years old. ” bag bag turns ten years to go, the Wang Xiaomeng that he once had liked has been the mom of 3 children, but Wang Mu is born still is 35 years old. Look now, probably Wang Mu’s unripe age made a mistake at the beginning. Do not know whether everybody still remembers, ” rustic love ” in the heavy responsibility that Wang Changgui is bearing capital attraction, work to can be moved to the town, he plans to enrol king person with power to ivory hill to come. Neat alcalde wants to breach is opened here, because king person with power and Wang Changgui are a classmate,be. So the issue came, since be a classmate, the age of two people should be about the same big. The Xie Yongjiang of ivory village, Wang Xiaomeng, Wang Xiangxiu, Liu Ying, Zhao Yutian is a classmate, they are about the same big, most beginning is 20 prepare to talk about love to marry odd. Calculate come down to grow expensive the age with king person with power is maximum also with respect to 3967 years old, is Wang Mu unripe how can 35 years old? Do not become king person with power hard 923 years old to marry parturient? Say so, wang Mu’s unripe age playwrite made a mistake probably at the beginning. When I feel to become so arrangement, likelihood and the age of Mr. Fan Wei are concerned. 2005 ” rustic love ” the Fan Wei when filming already 43 years old, say 35 years old to have very big moisture content. Tian Wa most when beginning to perform Wang Mu to be born, he himself still is less than 30 years old. I feel this also is one of reasons that Wang Mu’s unripe age did not change all the time.

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