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Original title: The film ” Chun Chao ” : I hate my mom, so I became her alive most disgusting appearance

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2 of natrium of director poplar Li ” Chun Chao ” give birth to topic focusing domestic ” formerly at ” , live from what cannot escape environment, and the continuous power that domestic pain brings a woman, will present the frustration that 3 acting mother and daughter concern and anguish. Maternal Ji Minglan is outer it is to have the community administrator that leads wind model, the part that acting ” organizer ” — predestined relationship of enthusiastic, agile, able, somebody. Face a daughter, it is to nag by every means however, hysterical, unnatural even. The granddaughter that still is reading elementary school is she brings up single-handed, caress have add, follow closely. So, where is Guo Jianbo’s husband? Where is Guo Wanting’s father? Guo Jianbo says, I also do not know who he is.

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The family of male vacancy, these 3 pairs of mother and daughter — Ji Minglan and her mother, guo builds wave and Ji Minglan, and Guo Wanting and Guo Jianbo, the relation between them is established ties by some kind of consistent mood, powerful love and hate are promiscuous together. No matter be as the mother, or as the daughter, ” Chun Chao ” medium relation is disagreement often manage, insalubrious. Pass the exploration of pair of relation fountainhead, this piece try to guide an audience to find the solution. 3 countryman Ji Minglan, arrive to marry in the city, mention love with Laoguo, be pregnant not carefully however, this is maiden first the disgrace that pregnant is her lifetime. The husband likes to expose the body in public circumstance, it is a blackguardly, rogue. After Ji Minglan marries to it, the life passes extremely difficultly. She saves next grain ration to return the home in, oneself often hunger arrives faint, be complained why to to send money to come home by the mother however. Ji Minglan this part, it is to use systemic heart to be in almost hate. She hates maternal selfishness, hate husband is dirty, hate daughter lets her be immersed in the predicament of life.

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As her daughter, the mother that Guo Jianbo hates him destroyed father the figure in him heart, hate her not to issue her in the look in the home, hate her strong, the mouth goes out invective. The mother says to her, you can suffer Nemesis. Which have a mother to say which daughter so? She hates her mother. She is then abandonment, become a mother most disgusting appearance, will to her prove she is wrong. She ever was in diary this in write: I do not have an illusion to here, I am born here, also be here gone.

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And daughter Guo Wanting of Guo Jianbo, be brought up by grandmother skill as a child. She asks mother when going to the zoo seeing giraffe with mom: You say, do these 3 giraffe resemble unlike you, I, with grandmother? When I am small, why are you absent? Guo Jianbo is not an eligible mother, she can put down the child that is in the home alone, run to date with male friend. But she is had pity on really again, because she is almost,was divested by oneself mother the right that does a mother. The child has together with grandmother as a child, sleep together, by grandmother education, listen to grandmother to say how his mom wants to kill his in those days. This is too cruel. And this grandmother says so, it is to retaliate a daughter, also rely on oneself to let a granddaughter cannot stop. The mother love of this amlposition, jumped over oneself daughter, on the body that changes below one generation. 4 she faulty ” , also be in those who tell about former unripe family to bring a woman, the does not go pain of brandish. And even if is the cast that counters a day, with outstanding original day theatrical work bead jade is advanced, also fail to rescue the expressive means of the sort of soft. Push forth again, with ” Chun Chao ” similar ” hematic avalokitesvara ” , also telling story of mother and daughter, and the propulsion of the film means takes the place of to feel with what enough convinces an audience, and the director’s adept, bold creation gimmick, the made person above average that becomes congener subject matter. The jasmine flower leaves ” , the love of 3 acting mother and daughter hates inheritance, also had left deep impression to the person. But, with nowadays ” Chun Chao ” make contrast, we can discover, although congener and various, but we the dug to woman theme, be tired as before in a very small circle. Be less than essence quite, also cannot justify oneself.

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5 ” Chun Chao ” camera lens is called the expressive ” of ” guileless.

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Reconciling is impossible, unless you died. In last play, the river that that Chan Chan spreads, from daughter Guo Jianbo, the mother to her, her daughter… the daughter is enmeshed in the river to play finally be troubled by, play, sunshine is bright, tide is warm spring return, if bestow,the director remains this common final result, telling those to having the girls of similar misfortune it seems that, want to have love only, what concern does hate have again?

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