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Original title: ” bureau of dragon door darts ” 4 actors that take, explode recently the figure that there are them in money theatrical work Comedic to the scene, besides expect ” pass outside Wu Lin ” besides continuation, I still care quite ” Long Menbiao bureau ” continuation. Although be banned because of playwrite, knowing this kind expects also is futile, but from the point of audience predestined relationship, prove at least ” Long Menbiao bureau ” the amusement that is a qualification exceeds strong scene comedy. This drama, almost include movie and TV encircles all actors that have weight at that time, their gues-starred to also bring very high temperature for this drama. Of course, more crucial still is 4 actors, still calculate fame having a place besides Guo Jingfei, additionally 3 at that time hardly what is famous degree. But it is the team that this can be regarded is careless stage, give the role inside however perform work. And, from ” Long Menbiao bureau ” after going, created in drama of much ministry movie and TV again explode money role, now already by the audience hep and accept. Guo Jingfei tells the truth, 2013 ” Long Menbiao bureau ” before broadcasting, I know Guo Jingfei scarcely so an actor. Although he ever was in 2011 ” be lovelorn 33 days ” within has gues-starred Liu Ran this part. But this film is held in both hands red have Bai Baihe and implied meaning only, and Guo Jingfei also is later fire later, the audience just knows to there still is him unexpectedly in this film. In ” Long Menbiao bureau ” in Guo Jingfei cent impersonates two character, it is absolutely leading role, awaited him to show the talent of comedic respect in those days, the part creation after this also is him actually laid a foundation. Connecting later patted 3 to explode drama of sth resembling a net of network of fire ” dark black person ” , his since acts the leading role, became again producer, this also sent the doorway of cavalcade of actor of a gleam of. Although be in ” grow since wind forest ” in performed to overturn sexual Pu Yangying this part, but let Guo Jingfei conflagration truly, it is however cooperate with noonday sunshine ” Dou Ting is good ” this drama. The Su Mingcheng that he performs inside is had pity on again abominably already, early days is hated the tooth is crawlily by the audience, later period is washed white hind feel he is very interesting again. Namely so the part that a ground connection enrages, the acting that lets Guo Jingfei had qualitative promotion, and became actor of a gleam of. And year end and Tan Zhuo cooperated 2021 ” adversary ” , the Li Tang that he performs this part, absolutely possible He Leijia of sound ” between the world ” spell Bai Yulan optimal male advocate award. Guo Jingfei also is great minds mature slowly, from Liu Ran this costar begins, arrive again the part that Liu Sanjin allows his career this to take off, encountered Su Mingcheng and Li Tang again finally these two god-given parts, this is not divided with Guo Jingfei’s effort. The makes this actor very hard for a short while name after Liu Guanlin may see him, can call the part name that gives him easily always however. When Liu Guanlin and Jiji king bumps into facial hind, went up to heat up search with this kind of means unexpectedly, also be an interesting thing. Liu Guanlin is in ” Long Menbiao bureau ” in those who act is miser Cai Badou, pet phrase is ” my Mom ah, this is to should be sent ah ” , the nobody the sort of Babbitt acts incisively and vividly, very much even time grabbed Guo Jingfei’s limelight. And Liu Guanlin by the part with hep audience, be ” big Qin Fu ” in the Guo Kai with smooth-tongued double-dealing, and ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in the Su Wenxing with tricky and crafty bowel of little stomach chicken. These two parts, that measures a body to have something made to order for Liu Guanlin really, although perform when, still can take the sign that nods Cai Badou, but Liu Guanlin however two nobodies show two kinds of styles, can not let an audience jump play. And hold the position of leading role for the first time in him ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in big motion picture, liu Guanlin is maintained apparently do not have site. Still perhaps lack all previous to drill, the Liu Guan Lincai that perhaps makes supporting rule is most give prize. Yang Hao eaves is become ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” when announcing to want to take net theatrical work, besides Xu Feng year I feel Chen Kun suits particularly besides, still have Laohuang this part, I am maintained at that time only Yang Hao eaves can act well. The fact also proves, the play staff chooses Yang Hao eaves to perform Laohuang is correct absolutely, he also is this drama goes out the first times to encircle and go up the part of hot search, and in often dying yellowly into audience heart most idea is bad smooth thing. Be in ” Long Menbiao bureau ” personate of Li Yanghao eaves respectful father’s younger brother, this is the part of a sophisticate of all corners of the country. I feel, this part is respectful father’s younger brother early to often fizzle out namely actually of this part found, besides Yang Hao eaves, someone else does not act to give that sense at all. He still is in ” famous stand 10 thousand ” in performed Guan Jing of an actor living energy of life year, also be the part of a glib. Still have even if ” great river great river 2 ” in the Ji Yong that act. The role that Yang Hao eaves performs at present slants duplicate, this is very dangerous. Zhang Ruihan Zhang Ruihan is in ” Long Menbiao bureau ” in the Bai Jing Xuan that act, should be all denounce least of all in the part of happy event. Original story is not big disposition is not small, if not be a broken gun is added,hold, what is not. And a lot of people are in ” between the world ” in the form that also discovered him. The Cao Debao that he performs is very abominable, inform against Zhou Bingyi unexpectedly, it is an ungrateful person. Be in ” great river great river 2 ” in, the Cheng a thousand li that Zhang Ruihan performs also is not a good part. Know to gnaw all the day old, the little sister that returns him hole, it is he is asked for unendingly, cause the rupture of Song Yunhui marriage secondhand. Nevertheless, piece the acting of case luck is on-line, also won’t participate in otherwise ” between the world ” so good theatrical work, and invite an audience remembered Cao Debao this part. Overall for, ” bureau of dragon door darts ” the acting of these 4 actors in is very good, pass oneself effort, also be remembered by the audience gradually. Actor this group, besides effort and endowment, so true still that see opportunity. ” pass outside Wu Lin ” hold in both hands red large quantities of one actors, ” pass outside Wu Lin ” also hold in both hands red one large quantities of. Regrettablly playwrite waved, bring about ” Long Menbiao bureau ” did not have continuation.

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