Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the drama on the net appears piece of bureau suicide, once female director, a put in prison spits groove Author: Stone master ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” suspense drama leaves sow up to now viewing rate is valued all the way. The wonderful performance of cast, won an audience people reputably. The public security bureau of jading personate of sea of the Qin Dynasty Director Zhang, get of the netizen praise, old show bone brushs screen again. But, her personate the public security bureau of a simpatico eldest sister figure Director Zhang, on the net however drama is a conceal fully very deep senior villain in drama. She is with the murderer closely related killing thunder header, when her these crafty plot rose to surface as the development of gut, the fish falls in sunshine eventually and this cannot live greatly, she chose to commit suicide finally, come with this finish she that dark lifetime. Pardonable also, when Shen Yi just reported in the bureau, director Zhang has asked him, these year come does mysterious female picture still come out without the picture? Shen Yi hesitated, a mystery daughter finds Shen Yi at that time, saying is he can be drawn 3 years old old, let him paint the picture of thunder team. And namely of this picture offer, team letting thunder lost life, shen Yi is remorsing inside all the time however, he knows the bitter lesson that this picture brings, he also lost this paragraph of memory. Actually, can the person of team of thunder of bring into contact with, also not be average person for certain, it is to having the person that is mastering inside circumstance certainly. Later Director Zhang these shameful inside are opened, she chose suicide of dread punishment for one’s crime, shen Yi and Du Cheng faced all these to be stupefied. Director Zhang wants killing thunder team leader for what, saying is familial animosity, after all real intent is what, see the progress of gut even. ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” appeared harmonious Director Zhang, the netizen’s lasting to the female public security bureau of Qin Hailu personate image, or very approbate. But, those who fail to think of is, she can be such ending. Pardonable also, broadcasted last year ” sweep black storm ” in the figure that also has female director of a public security, that is the congratulate director of Wu Yue personate, very ground connection is angry. Her processing details of a case is reliable, and look not to come out at all she is as big as a of gangdom element collude fish. In final working group step by step below press hard on, she chose a criminal give himself up to the police to confess one’s crime, walked into a jail. Pardonable also, broadcast this year ” germinant ” also be one gets drama of netizen gay suspense, personate of the Liu Tao in drama public security bureau prevent director. This director is a good person figure, can let Liu billows personate, merciless and inflexible, carrying frame work extremely not the figure of director of female public security that ground connection enrages, the netizen is right of Liu billows personate prevent director figure, one says groovy voice. But also oh, the figure of director of 3 female public security, by the each has his strong point of these female star personate. ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” the director of Qin Hailu personate, the netizen praises reputation one piece, was on the road that dread punishment for one’s crime commits suicide however finally. ” sweep black storm ” the female public security bureau of Wu Yue personate is long, also be very ground connection enrages, netizen a hip, last a criminal give himself up to the police confesses his crime walked into a jail. The figure of the director of female public security with two successful personate, ending is part of villain in drama. Only alone Liu Tao personate a figure of decent director of female public security, still was acted to be bungled by her, the netizen grows a sound that spit groove to the female public security bureau of Liu Tao personate. True perhaps confirm that word, a person who tries to get along with everyone is bad to act.

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