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Original title: ” bright garment goes ” homage origianl work, evening of Hunan of the Moran that perform is peaceful false marriage! Burnt graph occupies hot search a list of names posted up by force all the same ” bright garment goes ” mounted hot search suddenly, and still be in succession occupied hot search a list of names posted up by force several times. This drama is adapted from network novel ” white cat Shi Zunhe his 2 ha ” . As a result of the tremendous influence of origianl work, this drama leaves pat suffer with respect to equipment media, audience pays close attention to and expect! Main actor Chen Feiyu, Luo Yunxi is more place rare ala on this drama, longing is duplicate ” Chen Qing makes ” brilliant, become the footplate in deducing career severally! ” bright garment goes ” and ” balefire sheds gold ” the person above average that becomes congener subject matter together, by regard as inside course of study provide most ” explode paragraph ” go simple work. Especially ” bright garment goes ” the plot is bizarre, 3 fold, have Thespian conflict extremely. Plus Chen Feiyu, Luo Yunxi the appearance of an actor is pretty and elegant, lift up or let down with a rope became enough the appetite of the audience. Because these two drama expect the cost is too high, if,penguin is inspected a beloved daughter, maintain all the time ” still hold the lute in the arms half block face ” manner, await best opportunity, so that disentomb,give their greatest commerce value! Do not have expect ” the land of country makes ” the peak of poetic perfection that became work of congener subject matter! ” the land of country makes ” later, ” Zhang Gong case ” , ” bright garment goes ” , ” balefire sheds gold ” encounter embarrassed condition, come out for a time meet with ” snow hides ” message! Those who make a person accident is, ” bright garment goes ” abrupt again active rise, still poured out of a paragraph ” big marriage ” piece flower! Piece gas of happy event of the one clique in the flower is permeated with, corner Gong Zhuyi gives the luster of peachblossom. Dress red was fond of the person that take to cram capacious room, pulling on their hand hang the colored ribbon that has big-leaf hydrangea, body pitch is making saluting motion, the red glow set each other off that is on the move with full hall is unripe brightness! Looked carefully to discover clue, those who stand in foremost face is two men, it is Chu Wanning and Mo Ran it seems that! The vermicelli made from bean starch that has seen origianl work is not unfamiliar to this paragraph of play, identifying this is folk the disaster since evil spirit having unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is random, division apprentice downhill behead bewitching removes a few people demon. It is ghost emcee so for Xiu Lian, build temple to arrange for oneself of purpose ” bridal ” ! Mo Ran, Chu Wanning to seek the truth, accident ground rushed into bridal spot and very much person to hold wedding together. More accident is division apprentice two people actually ground of a strange combination of circumstances became a pair in the collect on wedding, still did obeisance to hall! That is to say what is this wedding ” big marriage ” , however Mo Ran, Chu Wanning to keep a restful beat sb at his own game. From piece in light of the flower, this drama has exquisite to take change, even if is to paper what the graph also can peep it to make excellent, pardonable penguin is right it so have a special liking! Also can see this drama is right additionally the homage of origianl work, ground of from beginning to end is reductive ” marry ” this paragraph of clue. ” bright garment goes ” depend on so a paragraph a flower, the look that attracted an audience quickly becomes popular topic, prove the consequence of this drama with respect to enough! What do you have to expect to this drama as vermicelli made from bean starch? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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