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Original title: Huang Zhiwen goes out bureau, who will get on Wen of Wen of Cai Saibei, Gong Jiaxin, Zhang Xi, soup the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces? TVB ” person barren ” already 3 years two, the situation is grimmer this year, after at present husband is inspected Tang poetry of 39 years old chants remnant, still come out from time to time now the information that she wants knot legitimate child, you also never mention it TVB high level is not anxious, connect Huang Xinying such, happy young lady hopes the outside can give her the chance. TVB is fostered to the utmost now 2, the actor with 3 lines good still public praise, huang Zhiwen is among them one of, she has 3 teleplay to show this year: ” the culminating confess after 18 years ” , ” fall of demon 2 ” and ” the person that the disciple goes 3 ” , the audience that likes her expresses: “Eventually when you! ” fasten glad too early, still perhaps can make you disappointed.

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After wanting to obtain TVB to inspect, besides complex human relation, still need the supportive rate of native land audience, with the masterpiece that has acting, huang Zhiwen appears defect. 18 years of Huang Zhiwen by ” 3 women one because of ” obtained ” after astral horse of reinforced material is inspected ” , but the heft nature of this award cannot be mixed ” after TVB is inspected ” than, can be only at most comfort award, human fixed position cans be imagined. Respecting acting, remain to strengthen, sow with be being heated up at present ” the culminating confess after 18 years ” and ” fall of demon 2 ” for exemple.

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She is in ” fall of demon 2 ” in not bad, location is exacter, also accord with character temperament figure, ” the culminating confess after 18 years ” make a person disappointed however. So much market looks, she appears and do not suit to perform a police, especially extraordinarily brave daughter fights spy this kind of part, she cannot see female superintend of serious case set in drama should some good energy of life and courageous and resolute, her inner play divides whole play lay particular stress on, also cannot see regrettablly.

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Especially after Ruan Lijin’s mom is missing, she goes looking for Linlangsheng to pour out that paragraph. Ruan Lijin should have mutiple level heart to make fun of, the director also gives sufficient the space that Huang Zhiwen develops, but her whole journey besides shutting eye, frown, deep breathing, receive the information that is less than more to be able to let a person enter sport. At the outset She Shiman is in ” Yan Xi strategy ” in, right finally Qianlong that paragraph is accuse, also be a few minutes of time, let countless audiences enter sport however, cry rare in. Compare what this does not plant Huang Zhiwen not to go up to fall to deduce, make a person disappointed really, give her close-up even this whole course, arrive from the back accept the back with next flabby station only.

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Perhaps be Huang Zhiwen is sneaking, TVB turns hold Wen of the Cai Saibei with these two years of louder voice, Gong Jiaxin, Zhang Xi and Shang Luowen in both hands, return interiorly to undertake evaluating. Cai Saibei and the cry of Gong Jia Xin are highest, early before two people are heard because of red too much and be hidden by snow, break up because of acting against the wind nowadays dish, did not make a high level disappointed.

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Gong Jiaxin is the old bird of TVB, but early before without the opportunity, also did not search allow oneself to locate, until after beginning to perform evil role, drive the perception that hang a bit. No matter be ” boast for generations ” passable glad, or ” big sauce and pickle shop ” Xie Xi, let a person feel her ” evil arrives a juice ” , do not have again however so be fed up with. But if she always performs this kind of role, be the throne after sitting very hard to inspect, goody is after TVB is inspected after all.

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Cai Saibei is one of harbor elder sister that TVB joint performance makes fun of, those who make person impression the deepest is ” iron explore ” in lie bottom fuzz action is happy, this part is very complex, since is ancient be puzzled daughter, also be the fuzz that has borne psychological scar, but no matter be which identity, she is taken hold proper, she also goes up successfully by this part. But, be in ” the airport is particular alarm ” before showing, come out again she and the red that Wang Hao believes are heard, although harbor intermediary explodes,letter of makings king grand has lived apart with Chen Ziyao, but did not divorce after all, the figure of this pair of Cai Saibei is influential still.

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Cai Saibei and Gong Jia Xin have acting, also be accepted by the audience, TVB holds them in both hands to also calculate reasonable, dan Zhangxi Wen and Wen of soup the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces let a person some look not to understand, they are better besides figure and obedient outside, the general with respecting true acting. Come round to look by eye, huang Zhiwen is with them hang together, and the play way that feels Huang Zhiwen is narrower and narrower, not be what part can be competent, she went designedly last year France looks for a Great Master to learn the living theatre, the plan develops toward the living theatre, this perhaps is a right choice.

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