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Original title: Shen Teng and plum absurd belt immobile comedy program, does Shen Ling, Xiong Ziqi use one device with respect to can perfect changeover? With young name, break a ring for comedy. It is of Hunan stage program of put together art ” it is really good to laugh ” the original intention that look. Nevertheless at the beginning they saw broken group only it seems that, did not put the emphasis on comedy.

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Inside the circle: Comedic carry handle Shen Teng + plum absurd, qin Xiaoxian of heart cloud company, ” love apartment ” Chen Dayu of Si Zhizi of Lou Yixiao, Chen Pei, chair bound elder Shen Ling, ” the ass gets water ” coppersmith A is like that + outside the circle: ” Yan Xi strategy ” Wu Jin character, ” red Lou Meng ” Jiang Mengjie, skyline is the Qiao Zhenyu of 4 beauty, Neozoic Xiongzi Qi of Li Wen writing, singer. Outside encircling inner ring ” resource ” do not differ a bit really, why to go up before public praise, be spat madly by people groove? The netizen judges: Mom Ye, shen Teng and Li Dandou belt do not use this program, this where is to laugh really good-looking, this is Ga rises obviously really comical. ” the congress that spit groove ” the Li Danming in bright ” full mouth ” talent, ” ace is right ace ” the Shen Tengming in bright all over the body is to laugh at a dot, why to come ” laugh really good-looking ” with respect to what be also? Why can the audience have this kind of idea? Be based on the hard at 3 o’clock injury of program series and actor actually:

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When seeing Shen Teng chooses A to be like that later, I understood, if A says others feels he suits to perform comedy then, actually he feels ” the ass gets water ” in his performance does not resemble comedy partly, he is very Mu Ne, very serious be inning does the person of a thing.

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Chang Yuan’s explanation poked my suspicion in one’s mind: Shen Teng is an introversion having a place so, the person that does not put. He just went happy fried dough twist when feel besides the part, perform him otherly to be not put. He later passed so old put oneself through the mill, became grow the person that is growing to go up in people laugh dot. Experience ability feeling is the same as, shen Tengpei raises Chang Yuan, choice A is like that, do not want to let the pain that oneself had sufferred namely, take the roundabout way that live, the person like letting follow him is experienced again. He wants to become that real adviser, that answers for people the person that doubt dispels doubts! Have a few people, always think the pain that has sufferred oneself, of experience painful bring to bear on to go up to others body again, will talk about the past with comforting oneself, a lot of mother-in-law is such person, often embarrass daughter-in-law. Once Shenyang vacates such person, I what can let a late night pile up a word forgot to go all pain, burst into tears suddenly. Before two period extemporaneous and comedic link and the gut subject matter that confuse your comedy are set, flow at the surface. The set subject matter that is Lou Yixiao and Li Wen writing first ” rich 2 generation do not wish to accede family property ” the idiom that feels link of machine extemporaneous comedy became reluctance receives dragon, make an audience particularly easy change a table. If say ” senile love apartment ” if social subject matter of expression still calculates qualification, most at least still has homophonic package, star ” C go out, half a lifetime returns still is element person ” ” a show has all one’s life ” , old people ” the heart builds the bridge, blood pressure is elevatory, miocardial infarction, swaying in the midst of a raging storm ” such social pain spot.

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Between 3. adviser cooperate to spend not baggage birth, Shen Teng, Xie Na this 3 the individual’s combination are to be not had flatly really strange, xie Na is not Gu Ling, to occasion, mood, of atmosphere and measure take hold be inferior to Gu Ling, so Shen Teng was lost in ” ace is right ace ” the glorious in. But! Hold to the 3rd period I discover program series is really very improving attentively.

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Above all, the subject matter of extemporaneous and comedic link becomes so not drab, if A of make peace of lucky girl Wu Jin was performed then different 9 with Yu Zhanao, shenyang approach Xiong Ziqi is direct ” sentence-making of compose a poem to a given tune of ci ” part play became real extemporaneous comedy, perfect return without flaw very stir. Barrage applauds one piece sound, a lot of people are in boast Shenyang approach. Window still is from the back, the story between the hits star and Shen Ling to act cleaner that Xiong Ziqi performs, do not jump not only play, still move exceedingly person. We can chase after a star, but those who chase after is that individual that believes in him heart, he not be cheat. We cheat ourselves to make money to not hesitate with the life, beguiling audience. But every time when the late night stands before the window, the heart is very sad really, why can oneself become such?

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The subject is very main, of the performance perfect more important, hit moving is those pain spot not only be actor more into play, actor lets us enter sport into play ability, see oneself life.

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Program series carries a person to carry Shen Ling with respect to this such coterie and Xiong Ziqi such young group alien, ability implementation breaks a ring for comedy with young name!

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