Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Drama of high component peaceful ” because we are inherent a pair ” , see a handsome young man talk about love too satisfy a craving

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” because we are inherent a pair ” become a shareholder absolutely not to have a deficit, in just developing play two male advocate Yan Zhi, be worth to look. ” because we are inherent a pair ” act the leading role by Bright and Win, two their Yan Zhi are very tall, act the leading role this this peaceful drama absolutely, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red. Win is one each thinks in drama very the schoolboy of cruel, amuse a bit actually than, he is special the love that expects to there can be a paragraph of happiness in university campus. Because Win is pestered by a schoolboy in drama, find Bright to act his false male friend so, then two people with the passing of time lays condition.

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See the tall Bright with colour such value and Win love, every time two people have small pink in drama when, can make a person not self-conscious show an aunt to laugh, bare your be good at tooth. Just see imagination of the meeting in drama process, handsome young man proper motion conjugate, so much single woman student can do how.

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A lot of friends that see this drama addiction, hope two handsome young men can arrive from the development inside play outside play particularly, this is impossible. Pure good friend is only in Bright and Win life, they are very the brotherly affection of iron. Bright has the girlfriend with a very good feeling in the life, two people a perfect match between a man and a girl. Corrupt daughter people want to the illusion of Bright and Win undone, still be centered at teleplay.

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