Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Ma Saichao ” I just do not become a friend with you ” be about to broadcast, lighting gut high to let a person is to expect very Recently, mango TV had a new theatrical work to be about to show again, this drama is ” I just do not become a friend with you ” . This drama is You Chenhao eaves, zhuang Dafei, zhou Yanchen, the campus of strange unreal love that Ma Saichao presents as leading role to act the leading role is comedic. Can say the cerebral hole of this drama is too big really, lighting gut high to let a person is to expect very.

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Indeed, the acting time problem between parents and children is more and more serious, the children that is in green and traitorous period especially people, the sincere advice that serves father and mother is inexorable completely go, it is the children that attending a college even, when wanting how to go to the following road face to face, often can cause error with parental idea; Have more very person the meeting is noisy rise, can you think occasionally why should parents object him pursueing his dream? In parental eye, oneself are to grow not big child forever, do what thing to want to be protected. According to the relevant gut of this drama, we perhaps can feel with experience. Our any person has in case an opportunity returns father when mother is young, became a good friend with them even, what kind of feeling can we have again? Such can we understand parents at the outset was intention fine sufferred from? There also is the child of piquant make trouble in this drama. The campus small Xiang Yu the Conqueror that of Ma Saichao personate is gas of a full ruffian, although be become ” fiend in human shape ” , but the heart is very serious situation is weighed however justice. Because the horse considers the role that exceeds personate, many netizens or feeling are the same as experience, because the certain classmate in this part and class of him student times is simply too resembled, can’t help be being ticked off had not little memory.

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About this drama broadcast, are some small expect? Expect together!

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