Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: BIGBANG member TOP accepts a magazine to interview divulge Ceng Shi graph commits suicide to ever also considered to abandon music

20220311120537 622b3b1154459

When TOP of member of BIGBANG of male group of Korea of dispatch of Sohu Han amusement accepted a magazine to interview recently, divulge after drug taking scandal he ever tried to commit suicide, ever also considered to abandon music. During TOP took military service as compulsory police 2017 by fish before suck is hempen and the set term of imprisonment that be sentenced 10 months, postpone a deadline is carried out two years. TOP discloses, oneself are after drug taking scandal for a time very painful and ever tried to commit suicide, he just knows after the event the business that oneself do caused how old harm to family friend and broad vermicelli made from bean starch. After TOP still expresses drug taking scandal, he ever had considered to abandon music seriously, but did not pass it how long can his discovery let him walk out of is painful how long can his discovery let him walk out of, continue have music only, because this is in,go 5 years, he immerses oneself in creation music all the time, wrote the song of more than 100 above in all. To leaving the plan after YG entertainment company, TOP states he will establish his record company, will foster completely as different as BIGBANG combination henceforth. TOP still fosters systematic demur to nowadays Korea God, like stating education system can foster current Korea God actor to resemble a robot only, understand only comply with demonstrative actor, and what he wants to foster is not a robot however true artist. To whether will playing the problem of BIGBANG activity henceforth, TOP states he is right all the time identity feels him BIGBANG proud, but the TOP that a few years he ever thought to there will be BIGBANG again henceforth for a time in the past, although still cannot decide now, but probably the period of time with the identity very long need that he returns BIGBANG member TOP afresh. Guo Mingdong / civil all rights reserved Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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