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Original title: Why doesn’t husband’s family admit marriage of Zhang Jia Ni Jie 7 years to gather up greatly empty shell madam does not do bridal backside Zhang Jia Ni marries 7 years to give birth to 2 sons, rich 2 generation are bought super- confuse so that mesmerize, why doesn’t husband’s family admit? Marry do Ni of old Zhang Jia and husband get card? Zhang Jia Ni after all err what, cannot get the man to give his royal wedding tardy? Gather up greatly ” empty shell madam ” Zhang Jia Ni does not handle bridal backside account. Next, everybody is mixed small make up look together.

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Why doesn’t husband’s family of Zhang Jia Ni admit a few days ago, ni is taking Zhang Jia to buy super- go transcribe program, small S asked about Zhang Jia Ni did not correct oneself make buy the business that exceeds mom, all the time since mother-in-law of appellation of Zhang Jia Ni Dou is an aunt, let a lot of netizens wondering. As we have learned, two people are to be in 16 years to marry get card, zhang Jia Ni experienced the feeling that He Duchun fails this paragraph in those days and be parted company by participate. Later, in rich 2 generation bought below the indefatigable pursuit that exceed two people to go one case, zhang Jia Ni was envied to encounter true life the emperor by a lot of people, left residue male encounter true love. The requirement that and buy exceeds is very good, rich 2 generation, tall rich handsome enough lets a person admire the lot of Zhang Jia Ni. Although got card,be Zhang Jia Ni Maichao only, but two people did not hold wedding all the time. In addition, ni of the Zhang Jia in the program divulges calling an aunt is to buy those who exceed mom requirement, think to did not hold wedding to do not have that ceremony to need not correct oneself, arrive all the time so now is to call an aunt.

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Because of,Zhang Jia Ni is a what kind of woman ” the strategy that delay happiness ” explode once more of fire ” Bai Yueguang ” Qin Lan, abrupt ” the hand slips ” dot assist the small gain of Ni of Zhang Jia of a connotation, bring about instant of Zhang Jia Ni to stand on where the wind and the waves are highest. Press a truth for, their collaboration passes theatrical work of this movie and TV, still be this 2 build, relation ought to pretty good ability is right, why can you produce this to plant again delicate ” is the hand slippery ” incident?

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As we have learned, zhang Jia Ni attends Qin Lan together ” happy base camp ” when, two people are playing a game, stood together high table, qin Lan still is wearing high-heeled shoes at that time. But what your person did not think of is, just when Qin Lan says actor’s lines, when preparation jumps below past stage, zhang Jia Ni pushed her suddenly however. Qin Lan was frightened jump, liang stagger Qiang is more when coming down, good a little while ability stand firm. Qin Lan got angry apparently later, two people later also it doesn’t matter is interactive. Not only such, the netizen explodes makings say, zhang Jia Ni Zaipai is photographed ” faithful Yue Fei of essence of life ” when because follow a play staff to be less than a holiday please, with respect to vent one’s anger on sb who’s not to blame at log, bumped into family girl 3 times repeatedly not only, still incite assistant to be opposite cuff and kick of the other side, finally is to get a someone directly more.

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