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Original title: Curiosity strangled Shangmukelusi to appreciate the opportunity of scissors hand Edward

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Burton one of core characters of the film are Johnny Depu (Johnny Depp) , the stable co-worker of this film producer is OK restrospect to 1990 ” scissors hand Edward ” . However, the nominal part of that film is you almost likelihood and ” Burton type ” the last actor that one word connection rises. Yes, my means soup Mu overcomes Lu Si. In fact, ” the espionage in dish ” the indefatigable star in series movies ever delivered the view for a time really to act Edward. But he is very fathomless the strange unreal property of this part. “(Kelusi) wanting to know Edward is how to go of closet, ” writer Kaluolinshangpusen tells Dazed in the story that 2015 the film shows 25 years. “What he asks is the problem about this part, this is impossible to get this part! ” if you still understand Kelusi’s think of a way hard — he is in in the major while that goes 20 years act Yi Sang Hunter or similar ” cannot kill ” leading role, what so worth while reviewing is, this actor is in a very different position in his professional career at that time. Let us be decomposed. Ke Lusi, go and now

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Times falls regurgitate to ” scissors hand Edward ” when showing, you can discover Kelusi and heart general are in as the actor transfer level. Heart general is in piece perform TV edition ” bouncing street 21 ” hind, the day that hopes as adolescent him 10 thousand people are confused is cast after the head, ke Lusi is taking step, act those is in no longer condescending the young able person that gets imperative course with respect of the heart that be the same as manage. Ever went out had acted ” monetary color ” and ” pluvial person ” wait for the film. 1989 ” will be born on July 4 ” in after obtaining Oscar to nominate, ke Lusi becomes part actor in 90 time. In with collect Ni Bolake, Neal Jordan mixes Bai Laina, Germany 10 years when the top class director such as Stanley Kubulike cooperates in, he acted different role, from ” bloodsucker interview ” medium Laisite arrives of PT Anderson ” lily magnolia is beautiful ” medium professional be disgusted with Frank of female disease patient wheat of · of J of · T · base. Let us do not forget him to be in ” Jieli Makuier ” in rediscovery agent of his nominal superstar sports. This that is to say, the Shangmukelusi that imagines 90 time more easily is interested in act scissors hand Edward, is not the part that that individual that imagines we know today should meet a so flimsy He Min to feel. If he does not pay close attention to the practical aspect of Edward curiosity nature so, he also may get this part. “Is the part with the wonderful part of this story answering such as at doing not have ‘ how does he go closet? Do not have a thing those years how does he live? ‘ ” Thompson points out. “In appearing in the film below the circumstance that Shangmukelusi is not willing to answering these questions of course. ” does the way that can professional career of Kelusi differ forward develop?

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Like other actress, there also is fault of quite a few when Ke Lusi is acting a likelihood to choose his professional career the part to completely different way. Well-known, he has two brushes to super hero type, among them the first is in 80 time later period, the Cannon Films that already disbanded now at that time is developing ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the film, with a view to lets him act Peter Pake. After 20 years, ke Lusi still discovers he is entering into an election contest ” steely a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” medium Tony Sidake, this part may change him to give the film battle array that act since 2008 greatly. Although imagine Kelusi Cheng Baidu’s Miao Si goddess and screen are procuratorial and not be heart general (all and cadaverous makeup appearance that thinks he is missed and stovepipe! ) , this is very interesting, but I suspect he is in ” scissors hand Edward ” the enterprise that medium main actor can be affected him is such big. Although overcome Lu Si to be willing to be cast,close Yuaidehua body functionary problem, by unvarnished act this part, but the time that he evolves into to still need a few years into contemporary Basite Jidu through behavioral movie star, and Burton’s romance, blue fairy tale is unlikely capable to push Kelusi completely from that course.

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