Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Plum because of,show ” the bureau in antique bureau ” nominate once more ” golden broom award ” , discharge God beard is responsible to loving his spectator On March 11, 2022 ” golden broom award ” announce be seleted list finally, plum now, the discharge star such as Guan Xiaotong is in awesomely row.

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“Golden broom award ” it is to follow the United States ” award of golden smoked plum ” the film award that establish, poll every year through expert, network choose a Chinese movies with the most disappointing year and film person. Be seleted film to ask to need to be in big director, great actor, big make have at least. 2009, this award by ” young film manual ” since Cheng Qingsong of magazine chief editor establishs, this year already is the 13rd. Ever had won award of the most disappointing actor Lu Han, Xiao Zhan, Wang Baojiang, Deng Chao, Sun Gonglei, but only Wang Baojiang is headed for receive award.

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Before this, li Xianceng because ” Chi Hushu is unripe ” medium coxcombical acting is seleted. Announce today ” golden broom award ” in complete list, he is depended on ” the bureau in antique bureau ” be seleted again. Vermicelli made from bean starch is plum show complain of being wronged, think he is in the film personate ” medicine otherwise ” , the eyes makes fun of very reach the designated position. Nevertheless, those who regard year as the most disappointing movies is big popular, ” the bureau in antique bureau ” already selected and multinomial ” golden broom award ” , also not be short of it seems that plum show this one.

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Be worth what carry is, plum take a picture in out of small gain hair on March 11 afternoon now, 10 short 1.157 million bits of support already were received in the hour, 63 thousand leave a message and 860 thousand transmit. The complimentary word of vermicelli made from bean starch still is flooding comment area. Young actor should how correct look upon ” does De Yishuang strong and pervasive fragrance ” age requirement? “Is the meal encircled ” how should walk up the orbit of energy? “The actor brings discharge the most easily really. ‘ discharge ‘ this word is not derogatory sense word, however an objective name, internet digitlization can take a flow naturally. Masses is starred attract, can inspect its to be God. “Tian Qinxin of dean of courtyard of modern drama of country of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China thinks, “And after making image, be about to be in charge of to the crowd, responsible to the spectator that love. This thing is lifelong humanness is done art homework. ” editor: In defending

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