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Original title: Let – Jacques Beinaikesi cannot domestic

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Let – Jacques Beinaikesi (1946-2022) France, director France director lets – Jacques Beinaikesi died due to illness in the home in January 2022, die at the age of is 75 years old. Beinaikesi is in on cut a figure at the beginning of 80 time of century, overcome · Bei Song, Liaosi Kalakesi very quickly to become the delegate person of French color film together with Lv, although he himself likes this label not quite. The work of 3 film people has the feature that draws lessons from the popular culture symbol such as advertisement, vogue. One grieves over Beinaikesi’s article writes so: “Their work established a kind of new fundamental key for French film jointly, blended in times spirit of the country, those who represented the young generation below the presidential Fulangsuowa Mitelang’s lead with the longest time of French v/arc be on the throne is scanty from prospect. ” Beinaikesi is born in Paris, it is the son of an insurance salesman, the university read 3 years of medicine, later because like the movie, he made assistant director. 1977, he wrote humorous short film ” the dog of Mr Michelle ” . Hero Michelle Xiang Tufu is dummy a dog, the name that wont lends this nonexistent dog begs to butcher some of remnant flesh, cooking coming home eats to oneself. When his neighbour is informed him to have a dog, he must be in the home to bark, will maintain this one crammer. His full-length film a maiden work ” operatic Gong Ling ” (1981) obtained triumphant scatter award optimal a maiden work award, told about a postman to be opposite of a songbird be obsessed with, be called by film review person ” the first France hind is contemporary the film ” — the concert that the postman recorded a singer secretly, the recording that returns this aria and the testimony that can contact head of head of group of police chief and drugs are mixed in a dish of tape, accordingly by black and white two are chased after kill. Film cost is less than million dollar, luxuriant visual effect and bold sexual occasion established Beinaikesi’s style. Won award of British film institute and award of American gold ball for Beinaikesi optimal foreign language piece of nomination ” Parisian wild rose ” (1986) it is him probably most by a work with Chinese hep audience. The wide-angle lens of begin is the painstaking process that loves happily to the men and women namely, complete piece the center also is this pair of men and womens — anonymous fiction writer Zun Ge and dissolute without the love like tornado of female Betty of course of study. In edition of director editing and rearrangement, two people after many flounder, free take a risk aimlessly. Betty forever unavailable smooth and steady mood, this 20 years old, the beautiful girl that dress exposes is ceaseless sway between excited, depressed, insanity, a few degrees make the conduct that has aggressiveness. To finally, betty is dug went oneself eye, and Zun Ge is in acedia to her love with pillow general her stifle. ” Parisian wild rose ” stage photo placard is regarded as a kind of culture to symbolize the head of a bed that is hanged in a lot of young students. The visual effect of the film still beautiful, the pink paint that discharges house tall degree of saturation appears dazzing below blue sky. This cameraman lets – Fulangsuowa Robin describes this is ” the narrative that fills sunshine and sweat ” . Also a few comments think, this film is nevertheless ” a series of pretty pictures just ” . But to Beinaikesi, ” Parisian wild rose ” also be last his famous work. After this he uses main energy in operation his Cargo Films makes a company. He filmed newsreel of a few TV, exit mainstream art filmdom, lose force gradually. 2006, beinaikesi is interviewing him lieutenant general to describe the person that provoke proudly for, “I am to fall in love with failure a little certainly. ” Betty of no less than this part — to a lot of people, beinaikesi’s success depends on him modelling gave this mad wild, not tamable person. Review ” Parisian wild rose ” when directing edition of editing and rearrangement, I like this one paragraph most — ground of Betty empty boundless and indistinct is looking at rail. The aside of hero is: “Betty resembling is carried the bronco of hamstring, jump over a wall, struggling to rise. She considers as the place of the prairie, it is pinfold actually. She cannot bear fall asleep, she cannot get used to that. ” hero says, “I have a feeling, betty means nonexistent thing. This world is too small to her. This world is too small to her..

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