Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Does with times youth group Ma Jiaqi talk about love? Dispatch responds to Xie Keyin: Online hit a holiday to amount to baa! 20220311160051 622b72338e460Thank Ke Yin dispatch 20220311160051 622b7233b7b83Xie Keyin dispatch responds to a hearsay On March 11, xie Keyin refutes a rumor in gregarious platform dispatch and the amour of times teenager round Ma Jiaqi, she sent a piece of Aoteman to feel the expression of braincase, say in the comment ” online make a holiday, amount to baa ” ” But Love And Peace ” , responded to the amative rumor that the net before this spreads. 20220311160052 622b723421f61Zhang Xiaohan sends caricature It is reported, early before ” Zhang Xiaohan of girl eating melon ” hair caricature calls Girl of famous male round member and some female round cruel secret love, caricature content points to Xie Keyin and Ma Jiaqi continuously. 20220311160052 622b7234507b3Dispatch of times peak high Culture of high of broker company peak makes a statement, jia Qi weighing a horse never ” love ” , the relevant discussion all be baleful start a rumour on the network, will reach the network user that transmits disloyal opinion on public affairs to reserve the right that investigates legal duty to releasing.

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