Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Dispatch of Zhang Ying glume responds to: I do not want to harm anybody to also do not want to carry boiler on the back for anybody

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On March 11, zhang Ying glume sends rich to respond to: “Keep silence all the time, be not being represented is a fact. By the net cruel so long, I still do not want to harm anyone, but I also do not want to carry boiler on the back for anybody. ” it is reported, before this, young having a dog pats Wang Xiaofei Zhang Ying glume arrives at Shanghai to inspect new store early or late. After eating dinner, signs or feeling of getting drunk of Wang Xiaofei part, zhang Ying glume is in charge of accost friend, the Wang Xiaofei on the road still follows prattle of Zhang Ying glume, the hand that plays a woman 10 point to buckle closely.

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